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Why do Aussies love killing for pleasure?

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Fishing is hunting - and hunting is killing for pleasure.

It is surely the right of every human being to kill animals for food.  I imagine that even life-long vegetarians would struggle to argue with this.

Subversive Sam finds fishing objectionable.

Subversive Sam finds fishing objectionable. What do you think? Leave comment below. Pic: iStock

There is, however, a very clear difference between killing for food and for pleasure.

I can think of only three animals that kill for pleasure – domestic cats, killer whales and human beings. While I cannot explain this, I can certainly say that I am revolted by it, as many people are.

So many people expressed extreme revolt at the site of an old lion shot by an American dentist in a South African game park. Not one person I spoke to was'n't disturbed by the images and found the dentist's behaviour acceptable.

Hunters are killers. They are people who take pleasure in taking life!

Some of them suggest that hunting is all about pitting man and wild animal – a test. Be that as it may, it is still killing for pleasure.

Some of them argue that it is the natural order of things. I don’t think so. Killing for food is the natural order of things. Hunting is killing for pleasure.

Fishers are also killers. People who go fishing for anything other than food are killing for pleasure.

Some fishers say they fish for food. If that is so, they are killing for food, but if they catch more than they can eat then they are killing for pleasure – and if they leave any unwanted catch in the boat or on the deck to die, they are cruel killers.

Some fishers will tell you that fish don’t mind being caught or that they have no nerves in their mouth. How would they know what fish mind? Do they ask them? Of course fish have nerves in their mouths.

Fishing is hunting and like hunting, it involves killing for pleasure.

It distresses me that we as a civilisation have not yet evolved past the primitive need to derive pleasure from killing.

It distresses me even more that members of our community have developed such well-honed rationales for hunting. The fact is, killing for anything other than food (and perhaps to help an animal out of misery) is killing for pleasure – and killing for pleasure is a very primitive thing.

I would argue that killing for pleasure is immoral.

What would you argue?

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