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I can buy any drug in 15 minutes

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I can buy any narcotic in 15 minutes - so much for the war on drugs!

Like many of you reading this missive, I can buy any drug I want in 15 minutes. Anything!!

The war on drugs is a major failure.

The war on drugs is a major failure. Pic: iStock

That being the case, as I know it is for the majority of people I know – it is all too easy to draw the conclusion that the war on drugs has failed. Indeed, this point was underscored by an expert after the recent seizure of $600 million in Sydney would have little impact on the supply of the drug in New South Wales. The industry just factors in the occasional seizure.

The so-called war on drugs started in the 1980s and 20-plus years later has left us with:

  • A larger supply of drugs than ever
  • A greater range of drugs than ever
  • Greater consumption than ever
  • Dirty, cut drugs that poison users
  • Much higher medical costs
  • Much higher policing costs
  • Very powerful organised crime.
  • Massive gang violence – particularly in South America
  • Civil war in parts of South America
  • In short, not only has the war on drugs not paid dividends, but it has cost a lot and the situation has got worse – a lot worse.

    It was Einstein that said: "Repeating the same thing over and over while expecting a different result is the definition of stupidity".

    While all this has been happening, cigarette consumption in Australia has plummetted from 80% of adults to just 12% – largely as the result of education paid for by a tax on nicotine.

    So, to the change. Let's legalise all drugs and sell them in controlled quantities to limit overdoses, with government-controlled specifications to ensure purity, and through hotels so as to ensure a level of integrity – at a price fixed by the government.

    This would not solve all problems associated with drugs. Just as there is now underage drinking, so there would be underage drug use. Just as drugs are bad for one’s health now, so they would be bad for one’s health after legalisation – just like cigarettes.

    Legalisation would solve a number of problems, including:

  • Reducing the cost of policing
  • Reducing and possibly elimination the involvement or organised crime
  • Ensuring purity and, as such, fewer deaths caused by additives like Ajax
  • Less war and violence
  • Lower medical costs
  • It would also provide for funds to be available for education and medical programs – including rehabilitation. The health system would make money rather than organised crime.

    Some say this would send the wrong message to kids. The facts are: they are getting the wrong message now, when they can readily buy a product that is illegal (the law is an ass); it would be no different than the current situation with tobacco, and education programs could be better funded.

    The only reason that I can see dfor this why this does not happen is gutless politicians, who do not want to go through the pain of educating a sceptical electorate about the changes, the view of religious nutters on a subject that has nothing to do with religion, the vested interests of the security services and the politicians who depend on donations from liquor companies and criminals.

    What say you?

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