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Businesses that play the dirty game

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Why we should boycott immoral and evil businesses.

I was having a drink with a friend last week when the conversation turned to addiction and, ultimately, gambling. We discussed the practise of casinos in not having windows or clocks in their gaming rooms.

Businesses don't hold all the cards.

Businesses don't hold all the cards. We can boycott those that exploit people for profit. Pic: iStock

As most are aware, this is designed make it difficult for punters to gauge time, increasing their time in the casino and the dollars lost.

My friend described this as good marketing. I described it as evil. The debate followed.

In my view, just about everything to do with casinos is evil – exploiting peoples' weaknesses and addictions to make money. Creating an environment that makes it hard to gaúge time with a view to them losing track is downright deceptive and in my view, evil!

This is not good marketing – this is evil deception aimed at encouraging people to lose money. How can deliberate deception be anything other than evil?

There are many evil practises perpetrated by businesses.

The West Australian newspaper put an illustration of a dead woman on the front page of their rag to show how she was buried by her killer. Tasteless and, given the potential impact on her family, immoral!

In the 1930s to 1960s, Wittenoom was the site of a mine that polluted the lungs of thousands of workers – killing many of them, despite the business knowing that asbestos cause various cancers.

To this day, British Tobacco, Reynolds and others are selling cigarettes all around the world to poorly educated people who will die of one of many diseases caused by the cancer sticks sold to them.

BHP and Vale operated the Samarco mine, which killed both workers and villagers when the dam burst.  If this is not bad enough, the media caught Samarco out trying to make it hard for victims to get payouts.

And these issues are not just in the past or overseas!

In Australia, Amatil continues to sell Coke (with 10 teaspoons of sugar per can) and actively promote it to children. In essence, they are selling children a poison and encouraging to drink more of it by ensuring the product does not diminish the thirst. Pure evil, in my view.

Then McDonalds and Hungry Jacks are selling low food value products that contribute to this nation’s rapidly growing obesity epidemic. Again, in my view, pure evil.

Government is getting increasingly tough on unions for their poor behaviour – and rightly so – but at the same time they are allowing Apple, Google and indeed BHP offshore income to that the can minimise taxation.

The list of evil and immoral behaviour goes on and on and on!

Wesfarmers, in a supposedly ethical recent move, called on the Australian manufacturer of their pokie machines to make adjustments that would limit bets to $1. The manufacturer said this could not be done – a suggestion questioned in the media by Wesfarmers managing director Richard Goyder. I am with him, I don’t believe them, either.

But before you think good things about Wesfarmers, remember that it is the owner of Coles, which: was fined $2.5 million for false advertising in 2015; $31,000 for selling food beyond its use by date in 2014; and $12 million after being found to be ‘threatening’ and ‘aggressive’ in relation to suppliers.

All this is bad. It highlights the immoral and often evil behaviour of greedy Australian businesses.

What is perhaps sadder is that it need not be this be the case. We, that is you and me, can change it. All we need to do is shop elsewhere. All we need to do is stop buying the stuff they sell,

I have not read The West Australian newspaper for 20 years – ever since they ran up a long enough list of what i considered to be immoral and evil behaviours. I never go into a casino and avoid events at Crown. I do not ever drink Coke products, will never buy BHP shares and never shop at Hungry Jacks or McDonalds. I am not perfect because I still occasionally shop at Coles.

Let’s all band together and tell these corporations that we are tired of their immoral behaviour

Let’s also call them out for what they are – greedy organisations exploiting vulnerable and poorly informed people.

Let''s all point the finger more often and make more noise about the evil behaviours of Australian businesses – and businesses around the world.

Let’s stop thinking that business people like James Packer are heroes. They are not. They are people who profit from the misery of others.

Let’s stop thinking of these organisations as employers and start viewing them for what they are – organisations that use people who need a job to justify for their immoral behaviour

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