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Celeb Malaysian soccer team eyes off boys in blue

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Promoting racial harmony is the goal of a friendly football match between a celeb Malaysian football team and Australian police.

ND Amir Amzah and his daughter, Shila Amzah, won't be very well known to most Australians, but to many in Malaysia, they are household names.

Amir now owns his own Malaysian celebrity football team, Suka Suka N.

Amir now owns his own Malaysian celebrity football team, Suka Suka N.D. Lala, which is coming to Australia to take on the WA Police FC team in the inaugural Shila Amazah Perth Cup. Picture: Supplied

Pop/folk singer and television actor Amir was big in Malaysia in the 1980s and '90s, while Shila, 27, is a hugely popular singer throughout Asia today.

Amir now owns his own Malaysian celebrity football team, Suka Suka N.D. Lala, which is coming to Australia to take on the WA Police FC team in the inaugural Shila Amazah Perth Cup.

To make things interesting, Shila Amzah will travel with the team and make a special appearance at the free event at the Lark Hill sports complex in Rockingham on Friday, April 21.

The match is being held to promote racial harmony.

Opening speeches will start at 6pm, with a 6.30pm kick-off. 

Visitors will be able to donate to police charity Bright Blue, the Police Commissioner’s fund for sick children. The charity aims to assist in the prevention and treatment of childhood illnesses, particularly those linked to issues police officers see every day, including the abuse of drugs and alcohol, as well as social disadvantage.

The police team draws from a diverse range of cultural backgrounds and ethnicity, embracing inclusivity of the broad range of cultural groups now settling in Australia.

Members of the Malaysian football team will be hosted at a lunch at Laputa premium buffet restaurant at Elizabeth Quay and enjoy a Captain Cook cruise down the Swan River.

Suka Suka will also be playing the Boulder City Soccer Club in a pre-season friendly on Sunday, April 23, at the Ray Finlayson Sporting Complex, kicking off at 3pm.

The Malaysian celebrity team will visit Kalgoorlie to play last year’s champions and to see the local sights.

Shila Amzah is a Malaysian singer-songwriter, actress and record producer who grew up in Kuala Lumpur.

She started singing as a child and started visiting recording studios with her father, ND Lala, when she was four years old, before recording a pop album when she was nine and her second album in 2005.

In 2011, she won Pop Song of the Year and Song of the Year at the Malaysian Music Awards for her single Patah Seribu.

Her career blossomed throughout Asia and in 2012 she won Chinese television reality singing show Asian Wave.

Shila has won a host of awards and is a National Treasure of Malaysia. She is the biggest selling Malaysian singer in Mandarin in Hong Kong, China and Taiwan and has more than 2.5 million followers on her Sina Weibo social media account.

ND Lala is one of Malaysia most successful singers with eight solo albums since 1987.

Players in the Malaysian team include:

  • Stage, TV and film actor Zul Huzaimy Marzuki, who has appeared in many theatrical productions, television dramas and films. He is also a director, script writer and part-time lecturer.
  • Twins Raja Nazrin Shah Raja Azaham and Raja Nazmin Shah Raja Azaham, from one of Malaysia’s hottest hardcore bands, Sekumpulan Orang Gila (SOG). SOG has won a host of Malaysian and international awards for their music. They have more than 45,000 Facebook fans and produced several albums.
  •  Hearthrob singer Kaza Saisis, who has also acted in film and television. He won a best comic actor award in 2016.
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