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I think, therefore I am.

What are these Australian values that we are all supposed to share?

The Australian Government is introducing an ‘Australian Values’ test for immigrants who want to become Australian citizens.

This raises the question about what Australian values are. So I've chosen a variety of behaviours for your examination that embody values that are common in Australia today.

The Weekly: Australian Values

It's like a test, but not. Take a look and see what you think:

  1. Is it moral to hold 1200 people, convicted of no crime, indefinitely on Manis island in sub-human conditions and with no hope of a better life?
  2. Is it moral to allow greyhounds to be slaughtered in their tens of thousands and smaller animals to be ripped to death to facilitate a sport to entertain Australians?
  3. Is it moral to load cattle or sheep on a ship and transport them in cramped conditions while many of their number die in absolute discomfort?
  4. Is it moral for fast food companies to advertise fat and sugar-filled junk food to children, knowing that such food will damage their health?
  5. Is it moral for Coca-Cola to sell to children a drink containing some 10 teaspoons of sugar and a truckload of salt per can, and then sponsor children’s sport?
  6. Is it moral to refuse human beings of all sexual persuasions the right to marry, just because a small segment of the community is insecure?
  7. Is it moral to take children away from their parents to facilitate assimilation, as white Australia has and continues to do to Aborigines?
  8. Is it moral sit by and use the economic comfort of the middle-class voters, and the votes needed from those voters, as a reason for declining real pensions?
  9. Is it moral to give big businesses tax cuts, while providing no relief to low-income earners and a diminishing contribution to health and disability services?
  10. Is it moral to refuse to address capital gains tax breaks on property investments because the government's core constituency has so much invested in residential property?

How did you go?

These are all values of the current Federal Government - and many are values of the current Federal Opposition.

Here is more food for thought.

When we test the values of immigrants, whose values should we test them against:

  • Malcolm Turnbull?
  • Bill Shorten?
  • Richard Di Natale?
  • Pauline Hanson?
  • Tony Abbott?
  • Shane Warne?
  • Gerry Harvey?
  • Nick Kyrgios?
  • Peter Dutton?
  • George Pell?

Two more questions to close off.

  1. Do any of these people have values that are the same a yours?
  2. What the [email protected]$# are Australian values?
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