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15 budget-friendly makeup tips for middle age

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Who says you have to look any less gorgeous once you hit middle age? And it doesn't have to cost a fortune.

While I don't profess to be an expert, my beauty regime needed a major shake-up by the time I turned 45.

In need of a midlife beauty makeover that won't break the bank? Follow these tried and true tips for success.

In need of a midlife beauty makeover that won't break the bank? Follow these tried and true tips for success. Picture: iStock

While many of us tend to stick with what has worked for us over the decades, it may be time you revisited your beauty regimen, too. After all, many of those tips and tricks that worked for us in our 20s and 30s can actually appear to age us in our 40s, 50s and 60s. 

Now aged 47, here's a few thingsw I've learned ovre the past couple of years. But please bear in mind that I have pale, combination skin and blue eyes, so some of these tips may not suit everyone.

1. It's all about your skin - so drink plenty of water, apply sunscreen daily and be sure to remove your makeup every night before moisturising.

2. Dry elbows or heels? Slather on some organic, extra-virgin coconut oil. Not only does it leave your skin feeling like a newborn's, it helps take a full body massage to the next level (bom-chicka wow-wow)! 

3. Other than clean, healthy-(ish) living, it pays to invest in the best cleansing and moisturising routine you can afford. After all, your face is your canvas - and the first thing people notice about you. However, for those on a budget, Olay has a great new range of skin products (their new Regenerist moisturiser is the bomb and better than many expensive potions!).

4. Also, a decent primer can be worth its weight in gold, minimising pores, smoothing skin for even application of makeup, and giving it something to cling to. Too Faced does a fabulous primer that also contains retinol, which works to reduce wrinkles.

5. Invest in a good liquid foundation designed for mature skin (some of which contain light-reflecting particles, which actually do seem to help in creating a soft, dewy finish). Avoid those old-school, heavy types, or anything powder based, which will just sink into any wrinkles you have, making you look older.

6. Peaches and corals are your friend when it comes to cheeks and lips. And if you think these are just for nannas, I have three words: NARS Orgasm blush!

7. Fill in those brows, but with a light hand aiming for a natural look. There are some great pencils and powders out there for those who overplucked in their youth.

8. Avoid frosted eye makeup. These tend to sink into lines and draw the light in the worst possible way.  Stick to soft matts, neutrals and those with a light sheen.

9. A little highlighter in the inner corner of your eyes does wonders for lifting tired eyes.

10. Curl those lashes and use a non-cloggy, lengthening mascara.

11. Eyeliner? Of course! Highlight the top lids, even aiming for a little cat's eye flick at the end. But avoid a heavy line under the eye, which can weigh your eyes down. 

12. Go for a moisturising lipstick, in colours that are light or neutral in tone, or even ravishing red. But darker colours like plums etc can make your lips look smaller. Also,, swap out those heavy unforgiving black liners for brown or even a muted forest green. Lovely!

13. Still wearing long hair past the chin? This can weigh your face down, making it look tired and overwhelmed. Consider getting it layered around the face to soften your look, or go for a sexy lob above the shoulders to take years off.

14. Trying to hide those grey roots? Embrace them! And why not? Not only is it fashionable and sexy, think of all the money you'll save on getting your roots done.

15. Smile! It's the most effective tool in your beauty kit! 

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