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Your travel guide to Singapore

About PossesstheWorld

We are Possess the World, a couple of empty nesters travelling the world slowly, avoiding tour groups and having our gap years a bit late; we hope to inspire you to do the same. You can read about us on our blog

Singapore is the perfect layover destination on your way to Europe. We show you how not to break the bank while doing it.

Singapore is a city state located in Southeast Asia, making it the perfect stopover when travelling from  Australia to Europe or the Middle East. It is a global financial capital with a long, multi-ethnic cultural history, reflected in its architecture, food and fashion. The climate is tropical, with hot, humid summers and temperate winters.

Singapore, while expensive, can be thoroughly enjoyed on a budget.

Singapore, while expensive, can be thoroughly enjoyed on a budget. Picture: Supplied

Getting there

The national airline of Singapore is Singapore Airlines, which is a member of the Star Alliance group of airlines. It has multiple subsidiary airlines, including regional flights with Silk Air, and budget carriers Scoot Airlines and Tiger Air.

Many major airlines utilise Singapore as a hub, making it an easy destination for a stopover or to visit as a destination.

Getting around

Public transport in Singapore is easy to use, cheap, clean, safe and efficient. Trains (MRT), light rail (LRT) and buses will get you to just about any destination.

The train network in Singapore is known as the MRT (Mass Rapid Transit), the network is extensive and most major attractions are within walking distance of an MRT station. Stations are also easily accessed from within major shopping centres. The train from the airport is the cheapest and easiest way to get from the airport to the city. The bus and LRT networks are also extensive and connect with the MRT.

Tourists can purchase a Singapore Tourist Pass on arrival at the airport, or from major stations.  This card gives access to buses and trains, with unlimited travel from one to three days. You simply purchase the card and swipe on at the card reader when you get on buses or trains.

When you purchase the card you are paying a $10 deposit, be sure to get this refunded when you are leaving. There is a kiosk located in the airport.

The Tourist Pass also gives you access to special deals. To read more about using the card, costs and associated deals, check it out .

The SG MRT App for smartphones allows you to plan your trip and has a map of the public transport network.

Taxis are regulated in Singapore, but we didn't use them at all as the public transport is great.

Uber is available is Singapore, again we did not use this service as we did not need it.

Tourist Visa

For stays of under 30 days, most tourists do not need a visa but do need to meet entry requirements. Else>>>formation can be found


Accommodation is easy to find in Singapore, ranging from backpacker hostels to luxury hotels. The world-famous Marina Bay Sands with it’s rooftop pool is in Singapore - and a dream destination for many travellers, us included.

It is worth checking with your airline about layovers in Singapore. Many of them have deals with hotels or apartments for travellers on short stays.

We got a 50% discount at the Peninsula Excelsior Hotel through Scoot airlines. This included a Deluxe double room, free wifi and access to the Sky Rooftop bar.

If you are travelling during the summer, we would recommend looking for accommodation with airconditioning and a swimming pool.

Airbnb operates in Singapore, but we did not use it on this trip.


There are four official languages: Singapore-Malay, English, Mandarin and Tamil.  Most people in Singapore will speak two of these languages fluently and there are up to 20 languages identified as being used regularly.

English is recognised as the language of instruction, with most signage and directions written in English.


Singapore is renowned as a very expensive destination among travellers. And it's true, you could spend a small fortune in a short time.

However, you can also do it on a budget, as we did, by,:

  • Booking early
  • Checking for travel deals with airlines, hotels
  • Avoiding expensive restaurants
  • Eating at hawker markets
  • Drinking local beer or spirits, rather than imported wine or beer
  • Using public transport
  • Buying the Singapore Tourist Pass
  • Ensuring you get your Tourist Card Pass refund on departure
  • Get some exercise and save some money by walking around major sites such as Marina Bay, The Gardens, Canning Fort Park, rather than paying for tours
  • Do your research, know what you want to see and budget for it before you arrive
  • Money

    The official currency of Singapore is the Singaporean Dollar, denoted by the symbol S$.  The code is SGD.

    The Brunei dollar is also accepted in Singapore.

    Singaporean currency is easily exchanged prior to and upon arrival in the country, and is traded with all major currencies.

    Sentosa Island

    On our list for next time.

    Singapore has a famous food culture and our goals for our next trip include:

    Black pepper crab at Long Beach; chilli crab at the original creator's restaurant, ; to eat at Hill Street Tai Hwa Pork Noodle, one of just two food stalls in the world with a Michelin star; and, if we are super lucky and inherit a small fortune, to stay at the Marina Sands and swim in THAT pool.

    Smart phone apps and resources used

    SG MRT LRT offline free


    Singapore Map and Walks

    TimeOut Singapore

    Friends and family

    Being Aussies, many of our friends and family have travelled to or through Singapore and were able to give us tips on visiting.

    You can read more about our trip to Singapore on the website.

    You can follow our travels on , , ,

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