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10 thoughtful ways to brighten someone's day

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Because there is never a bad day to pay it forward.

In our busy lives, it’s often easy to go a day without stopping to think of others. But in a world where so many are suffering, it’s so important that we do take a few minutes or a few dollars to put towards making the world a better place.

Have you thought about donating those old blankets to an animal shelter? Picture: iStock.

Have you thought about donating those old blankets to an animal shelter? Picture: iStock

There are countless small acts that we can all remind ourselves to do once a week or even more frequently that might end up making someone’s day.

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Here’s my list of the most fun and inspiring ways to pay it forward.

1. Before the weekend is over, whip up some homemade baked treats to take to the office as a surprise for your co-workers, or to your local community center, like the library or doctor’s surgery, as a way to say thankyou.

2. The next time you’re filling up the car, buy a petrol gift card and leave it on the pump as you leave for the next person to use. Buy the person behind you at your local cafe a coffee.

3. We all have old towels and blankets just sitting in a dark cupboard somewhere. On the weekend, box them up and take them down to your local animal shelter.

4. Donating blood can save a life. A meaningful way to pay it forward is to head over to your nearest blood bank to donate.

5. Do you buy lunch every day at work? The next time you do, buy an extra one and give it to a homeless person that you pass.  

6. Have you just finished a great book? Carry it around and pass it on to a stranger that you think may enjoy it.

7. Help a friend that you know is trying to get active. Suggest signing up together for personal training sessions, or sign up for a gym that includes classes. That way, you can motivate each other to go every day.

8. The next time you’re in a takeaway drive-through, pay for the car behind you as well. See how long you can all keep the chain going.

9. If it’s your birthday coming up, suggest people redirect their gifts to a charity that means a lot to you.

10. Trying on jeans can be a depressing event. Leave little hand-written notes with positive reinforcement about someone’s body for the next person to find when they try them on.

  • Do you have any other feelgood ideas to build a more thoughtful community? Please share them in the comments, or write a post about your activities via your member dashboard. 
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