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Virgin coconut oil weaves magic on hair

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When it comes to damaged, stressed hair, virgin coconut oil’s natural antioxidants make it a magic treatment.

We have all heard about this wonder serum called. Aside from being induced to provide an all-natural treatment to common health issues, virgin coconut oil is also well known as a treatment for your hair.

Who would have thought that coconut could help your hair? Image: Supplied.

Who would have thought that coconut could help your hair? Image: Supplied

natural antioxidants, antimicrobials and lauric acid help repair damaged hair or keep it healthy.

What are the common uses offor the hair?

Virgin coconut oil for styling

Because of the oil’s natural properties penetrating the scalp, you can say goodbye to bad hair days because it prevents frizziness and fly-aways.

This makes it easier to style the hair without using any harmful chemicals. Detangling will never be a problem as this becomes an easy task with the help ofon the hair.

Virgin coconut oil for sun protection

Applying virgin coconut oil to the hair and scalp will prevent problems caused by the sun.

Although we advise using chemical-free and organic sun screen protection for the skin during a prolonged period of time in the sun, is a natural sunscreen with a SPF of 10, great for when you are in the sun no longer than 30 minutes. 

Virgin coconut oil for hair growth

Applying the oil to the hair works wonders. It allows lauric acid to penetrate the scalp and helps your hair grown longer, thicker and healthier.

Virgin coconut oil hair treatment and conditioner

Along with hair growth comes the natural conditioning of hair. Out of all the oils, is the only one that reduces the loss of protein so it makes the hair shiny and in good condition.

Virgin coconut oil to boost blood circulation

When massaged on the scalp, gives more oxygen and nutrients to the hair and this enhances scalp circulation, which eventually aids blood circulation.

Virgin coconut oil to prevent hair breakage

Brittle hair indicates that there is not enough hydration to keep it healthy. This will cause hair to be brittle and break easily.

antioxidant properties help keep your hair strong and healthy.  Thus, it keeps it from getting easily damaged from combing, brushing and other external elements.

Virgin coconut oil as an anti-dandruff treatment

It also has anti-viral, anti-microbial and anti-fungal properties because of its medium-chain fatty acids. Because of this, it helps get rid of dandruff because it targets fungus and helps kill it.

Virgin coconut oil for lice prevention and treatment

presence prevents lice eggs from sticking to the scalp. Also, its natural oils keep the lice away.

This magic oil has natural compositions that keep the scalp healthy. It fights fungal and other types of infection and on top of that, adds volume to the hair and keeps it thick and shiny.

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