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Who am I? There's a bottle of wine to be won

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About Subversive

There is something just not right about our world and it involves the self centred, self serving nature of people.

Each week I provide 10 clues. Guess right and you could win a a bottle of Helen & Joey Estate Layla Cabernet Merlot.

Every Friday for 12 weeks, I will be giving away a bottle of Helen & Joey Estate Layla Cabernet Merlot. At the close of business each Friday - until December 1, 2017 - I will draw a winner. Entrants must be aged over 18 and a resident of Australia.

Who am I?.

Who am I?

All you have to do is tell me WHO I AM!

Each week I will give you 10 clues upon which to base your answer. Each of 12 people I describe will have been at the peak of their fame between 1960 and 1990.

Every correct response will go in the draw to win a bottle of this excellent wine. But please don't leave your answers in the comments box for fear of spoiling it for others. Instead, you can submit your responses to me here.

Last week's winner was Nigel Barker of Perth. He correctly private messaged us with the answer: John Lennon. Congratulations, Nigel and do enjoy your wine.

So here is this week's mystery!

Who am I?

  • I was born in the United States between the world wars.
  • I was younger than George Burns when I died in the US
  • My stage initials were the same as my birth initials
  • I was married twice, the second time quite late in life
  • I had a successful film, television and stage career
  • I was a friend of John F Kennedy
  • My business partners loved somebody some time
  • I had a house for vulnerable and traumatised children
  • I was never really a professor
  • I won the  
  • Who am I?

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