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Review: The Trustee Bar & Bistro

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Like most people, I love eating and drinking. But I hate the bullshit most reviewers offer as standard fare.

Find out what our notoriously fickle restaurant blogger had to say about this popular CBD venue.

Last week, a colleague took me to The Trustee Bar & Bistro in Perth for lunch. I am lucky like that. It is quite a while since I have had to pay for a lunch, but  I can see some expensive months coming up.

The Trustee.

The Trustee. Picture: Facebook

Without a booking, we walked on a warm and sunny spring day from my office in William Street, in the CBD, to the restaurant. We managed to score a table out the back on the patio, under a tree. It was a really fantastic spot! My colleague, who only recently moved to Perth, was well impressed.

He ordered the fish of the day, barramundi, while I ordered a mushroom ravioli, the only vegetarian dish I could find on the menu. We did not have wine but we did have two side salads.

The food was great. Not sensational, but great. It was well-made, well-cooked and well-presented.

 Using a 1-5 scale, with 1 being the lowest and 5 being the highest my rating of The Trustee is as follows:

  • Parking – 2
  • Fit out – 4
  • Atmosphere – 4
  • Speed of service – 4
  • Informed service – 4
  • Appeal of the menu – 4
  • Standard of the wine list - 4
  • Quality of food – 4
  • Price - 4
  • Overall experience – 4.2
  • The parking anywhere in the centre of the city is poor and expensive, if you do not have a car park. Fortunately, I do.

    Looking beyond the parking, The Trustee is a better than average restaurant. I liked it a lot. I especially liked sitting outside under a tree on a sunny day. Not every restaurant offers such a treat, and it is beyond me why anyone at the restaurant that day chose to sit inside.

    This is a good business restaurant.

    I have only one, somewhat picky, complaint. We entered the venue on the wrong floor – into the bar, which was closed. Rather than welcoming us and pointing us in the right direction, the barman present made it clear that they were closed and just said: "Downstairs". It would not have cost him anything to be a little more welcoming.

    This aside, I have no hesitation recommending The Trustee. It is not unique. It is not sensational, but it is good and in a town full of very mediocre venues, it is a welcome experience.

    It was a good experience, with good company.

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