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Insincere 'sweety darlings' leave me cold

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And why that expensive suit no longer impresses me.

I used to go out with a high-profile performing artist.

Be real.

Be real. You really are not special. Picture: Shutterstock

At the same time, my business was sponsoring three or four arts bodies - and I have also sat on the boards of arts organisations. As a result, I attended a large number of events in various parts of Australia, attended by the arts community and any number of would-be members of the arts community.

I hated these events. The thought of ever having to go to another prevented me from getting involved in such sponsorships again.

The shows were generally great, but the events were tiresome. In addition to the inflated egos running around the room, I found the ‘darlings’ particularly tiresome, the insincere kissing and hugging, the meaningless jargon and the meaningless wise words shared by the insightful experts.

I have spent much of my life in business and find its industry wank equally nauseating. In addition to the sense of self-importance of these people - who so often think they are the foundation of the economy and, therefore, society - so many business people take full credit for their own success, and have their egos on full display whenever they are in public.

Business people are all too ready to use jargon like ‘forward estimates”, but really, who estimates the past? They also: pontificate about the economy, of which most have a limited understanding; voice strident political views, as if everybody with any intellect agrees with them; bag ‘greenies’ as people killing the economy; and present themselves as selfless, despite the fact that almost every decision they make is designed to increase their wealth.

I spent a short time on the board of a league football club. I was also a tiresome experience.

At my first board meeting I was asked if I had ever played football, following the suggestion that a non- player cannot make a meaningful contribution to a club at the board level. I was amazed by the egos that many of these entertainers and ex-entertainer carried around with them. Many saw themselves as God's gift to humanity.

They also had their own jargon and narrow view of humanity. Players would cry on retirement – failing to recognise just how lucky they had been to earn as much as they did for so long. The testosterone at every event, not just the games, was amazing, as ‘God's gifts to humanity’ strutted their stuff and talked about sport as if it was important.

I spent 20 years in advertising among ‘creatives’ (what ever they are), who thought that they had something unique, something no one else had, failing to understand that most human beings had the capacity to be creative. This is an industry where poorly educated people are paid far too much to pontificate about a discipline they truthfully know so little about. They were best at selling themselves.

Few industries have created their own jargon more than the advertising industry. They just love crapping on about ‘tarps’ and ‘CCMs’, trying to inject science where there is none. This is an industry populated by people who take themselves so seriously and as being so important, so much so that many have failed to realise that the ‘jig is up’, the industry is dying.

Another industry passionate about using jargon is IT. Don’t you love it when programmers talk in a dialect you don’t understand and in doing so, reflect that they never studied the words of Albert Einstein; ‘If you cannot explain something so others can understand it, you don’t truly understand it’.

Now we have entered the era of the ‘start up’ and we are surrounded by brilliant ‘entrepreneurs’, all of whom are about to deliver the next example of ‘disruptive technology’, working in their ‘incubator’ with their ‘collaborators’. What does all this mean? If you do not know, don’t worry, neither do they.

They also do not seem to know that there have been start-up businesses since time began, there have been people who think they are entrepreneurial since the industrial revolution, disruption is as old as civilisation itself, incubators were previously called garages and collaborators were previously called partners and co-workers.

I can only conclude from the proliferation of all of this wank, that there are a very large number of insecure people out there, all trying to boost their egos and build a sense of self-importance. We none of us are as important, special, or unique as we like to think. We all just play a small part in the complex fabric of life. Certainly, I have never met an artist, business person, sports star, advertising person, IT guru or ‘innovator’ that is any more important than a plumber, electrician, welder or street sweeper – and I most certainly include myself in this.

These people all want to be part of an elite tribe. But the fact is there is only one tribe that matters – the human tribe. All else is in their heads. The kissing ang hugging to fain a connection and present themselves as part of a tribe that is creative and tight is absurd, especially when you hear them talk about each other after the events.

The use of jargon to make them look smart, to me only demonstrates for dumb they are. The idea of opening your mouth is to communicate, and jargon is not good for communication.

Maybe it is my age, but being with people putting on a show and focusing more on that others think of them that what they think of themselves is no longer of any interest to me.

An expensive suit is no longer impressive, if indeed it ever was. Jargon is a sign of insecurity and a lack of real knowledge. Trying to impress is a testament to insecurity, not achievement 

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