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Halloween is the worst!

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Because celebrating greed, entitlement and obesity is a good idea?

It's the day after Halloween and I can't help but reflect on what is undoubtedly the worst tradition to ever reach Australian shores.

What lessons are we teaching these kids? Image: Shutterstock.

What lessons are we teaching these kids? Image: Shutterstock

Halloween is the worst. In every conceivable way.

I never got into Halloween when I was younger, but that still doesn’t change the unquestionable fact that Halloween is ridiculous.

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I was discussing the absurd growth of Halloween in Australia with a friend yesterday, who said: “Screw America for influencing our culture. Even though it’s not even an American tradition, just a celebrated excuse for consumerism and obesity.”

The reason for its substantial growth here is the continued Americanisation of Australian culture. Yet with the United States facing so many trials and tribulations right now, why would we want to be even more like them? But that’s off topic.

I have no issues with people dressing up, I love a good fancy dress party myself, but I struggle to see the point of Halloween and the logic behind celebrating it. As my friend put it, it’s just an excuse for consumerism and obesity.

Even the very notion of “Trick or Treating” is something that should be frowned upon.

Children are highly impressionable and the ludicrous tradition of trick or treating teaches them the wrong lesson. What does it teach them? They are entitled to treats - and to act out and damage property when they do not get their way.

With the obesity epidemic in Australia, do we need an excuse to stuff our faces with lollies any more than we already do? I think not, which is just another reason Halloween is stupid.

Am I a killjoy for not liking Halloween?

Maybe! But I just want to question the very point of this ‘celebration’ because what are we actually celebrating and learning from the day?

At Christmas, regardless of your belief system, celebrating giving is a universal lesson from the day. If we must import an American holiday/tradition, why can't it be Thanksgiving?

It would at least teach us a lesson of being thankful for what you have, instead of what Halloween celebrates: greed, entitlement and generally being spoilt.

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