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Who am I? Guess right and you could win

About Subversive

Do you have your own gripe with your local or state government? And what are the streets like in your part of town, in your home state?

If you'd like me to fire a rocket up them, or a shoddy business, I'm listening! You can email me here.

Just follow the 10 clues to reveal who this famous person is - and you could win a bottle of wine!

Would you like to win a delightful bottle of Helen & Joey Estate Layla Cabernet Merlot? All you have to do is tell me who I am.

Guess right and you could win a fantastic bottle of Cabernet Merlot.

Guess right and you could win a fantastic bottle of Cabernet Merlot. Picture: Shutterstock

Every correct response will go in the draw to win a bottle of this excellent wine.

Each week I provide 10 clues upon which to base your answer. 

Please email your answer and postal address to [email protected], rather than leaving it in the comments, to avoid spoiling it for others.

Last week's winner was a doozy and stumped more than a few entrants. However, John Lannen of East Maitland in NSW correctly answered Chairman Mao. Congratulations John, your bottle of delicious wine will soon be on its way!

So here is this week’s mystery!

Who am I?

  • I was born in 1925.
  • I died when David Cameron was Prime Minister of Great Britain.
  • During the war, my parents gave sanctuary to a Jewish girl.
  • My father was a Methodist minister and very strict.
  • I studied at Oxford, attaining second-class honours in science.
  • I first spoke about requiring local authorities to hold meetings in public.
  • I favoured the reintroduction of the birch and corporal punishment.
  • I demonstrated a very keen interest in education in the early 1970s.
  • I believed that gravity applied to economics.
  • I attended the state funeral of a man that many said I was too close to.
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