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Jim really does spank his wife often

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The older I get, the less I know and the more inquisitive I get.

Unfortunately, despite a lifelong search, most of the answers elude me. That said, I love to ask the questions and fuel the debates that will ultimately lead us all to a better understanding of the big issues in life, the universe and everything.

They say that we spend 98% of our lives in our head. I for one would like to use that time as effectively as possible.

Part two in the story of alternative lifestylers Jim, Sandra, Pat and Bill.

In the first part of this series about alternative lifestyles, I introduced you to Jim and his ''property'', Sandra, as well as Pat and her ''property'', Bill. Jim and Pat were smartly dressed, while Sandra and Bill were on their knees -- naked, collared and on leashes.

She truly does love, honour and obey Jim.

She truly does love, honour and obey Jim. Picture: Shutterstock

Sandra had proudly told me that Sir Jim owned her, while Bill had reported that Lady Patricia owned him, but only after receiving a clip behind the ear for referring to his owner as she. It was clear that everyone knew their place and there was no doubt whatsoever who had the power.

In this second part of the story, I examine in a little more detail the relationship between Jim and Sandra.

Jim, a small business owner from the outer suburbs, has been married to Sandra for 10 years. He has ''owned'' her for most of that time. While they did not use the words in their wedding ceremony, I had no doubt that since that very day, Sandra had loved, honoured and obeyed Jim.

What's more, when she does not do any one of these things to the liking of her owner, as the title of this story implies, she has a great deal of trouble sitting down for a number of days, although she can still kneel. 

I knew this to be a true story, because when questioned about it, Jim instructed Sandra to stand, turn around on the spot and show me the evidence of the previous night’s punishment on her buttocks. I can tell you that there was no doubt in my mind that nearly 24 hours later, Sandra would still have been smarting. She assured me, or perhaps Jim, that she would be home on time in future.

I asked how it all started. Sandra, who was not allowed to speak without direction, remained silent while Jim told me that after watching the movie The Story Of O, they had begun reading up on the subject of power exchange. This led to a number of discussions, after which Sandra asked Jim if he would like to own her. He said yes.

I directly asked Sandra if, nearly 10 years later, she was happy with the arrangement.

She said yes with such enthusiasm that if was difficult to believe that she was just saying what her owner wanted to hear. Assured she meant it, I then asked what she liked most about it. Without hesitation, she said: ''It just feels right.''

With an adoring look on her very attractive face, this petite young woman went on to say: ''Sir James is very dominant, a natural leader, and I am very submissive, a natural follower. 

"I like that he thinks for me, gives me direction, cares for me and takes pleasure from my slavery. It is my gift to him and his accepting it makes me happy. It seems natural to me.''

Jim smiled with pride.

It seemed to me that these two people were in a good place.

I asked Sandra to explain the daily ramifications of her ‘gift’ to ‘Sir James’. They were many.

She was not allowed to wear clothing without his permission and he rarely gave it at home. When she did dress, the outfit never included underwear and was always chosen by her owner. She wore a collar most of the time and a leash when required to. There was a discrete collar for going out and a more obvious one for home.

Sandra was responsible for all domestic duties and was expected to wait on and serve Jim in any way he required. She could not speak, sit, enter a room, use the toilet, get into bed, or other things without Jim’s permission.

He controlled her social interactions, had all of her passwords and had taken away all privacy. The only areas in which Sandra had any free will was in relation to the relationship with her family and her relationship with approved friends. This was largely uncontrolled.

I asked Jim if this was a monogamous relationship.

He said that while he was certainly free to get around, he had no desire to do so. He said that he loved Sandra and that while they socialised with like-minded people, they did not have sex with them. While the marks on Sandra’s behind suggest that she had every reason to agree with Jim on these points, when directly asked, she did so.

Then the conversation moved on to sex (perhaps not fast enough for me). I asked Sandra to characterise their sex life. She responded by informing me that this was not a matter she was allowed to talk about and one she had absolutely no control over. She simply said: “Sex is a matter for Sir James”

So I turned my attention to Sir James. But that is a story for the next instalment

In the meantime, please tell me what you think about Jim and Sandra’s relationship. And be nice, I am sure Jim at least will read them. Sandra may not be allowed to. 

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