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How to prevent those festive hangovers

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Apart from not drinking, here's the best way to knock that hangover on the head.

Christmas is coming and with it, all those festive celebrations that lead to over-indulgence.

You can prevent those hangovers this Christmas.

You can prevent those hangovers this Christmas. Picture: Shutterstock

But what if I was to tell you that has a new product -- developed by a pair of German scientists and coming with a money-back guarantee -- to help prevent that hangover even taking hold?

is an all-new product that's been scientifically produced and developed to prevent hangovers by deto your liver.  The science behind Alcovit ensures that your last drink of the night actually prevents the dreaded next-day hangover.

Here's how it works

Alcovit is designed to be taken as your last drink of the night.

Add the sachet's contents to 250ml of water and stir. Let the bubbles subside before drinking.

You can even pre-mix your Alcovit in a bottle of water before going out, leaving it beside your bed for when you get home. Just give it a shake and drink.

And while it's recommended as the last drink of the night, but can be consumed at any stage as directed. If it settles, stir again and drink immediately.

The high-quality effervescent detox drink with a zingy lime flavour is packed with 12 high-quality vitamins, minerals, a TCM herb and antioxidants to help you wake up feeling normal the next day.

Alcovit does not condone drinking to harmful levels.

Alcovit’s guiding principles

Fact: Alcovit is not a product that gives you a free pass. It is not designed to support irresponsible, anti-social drinking, especially people that set out to “get smashed or trashed”.

Fact: Alcohol is a poison that causes issues. Within the body, short term (hangover) and long term (worse).

Fact: Everyone should be smart and consume alcohol responsibly.

Good idea: Everyone reacts differently to the effects of alcohol, so understanding yourself and what alcohol does to you is key. No independent, double-blind clinical trial will provide you with these results.

Good idea: Be aware of health guidelines and recommended consumption limits to mitigate lasting health concerns.

Fact: The best way to avoid a hangover is to not drink, or to be under 25, or have a better functioning liver, we know this! We also know that a great night out can start with all the best intentions, and the next day you’ve realised that those intentions went out the window. We tend to drink more than we should and suffer the next day.

Good idea: You must drink to achieve a result. Take it with you to have during the event or leave beside your bed. It can take three occasions to understand the real results Alcovit provides.

Fact: Alcovit is NOT an everyday vitamin supplement. It’s a unique, refined combination of high-quality ingredients and real scientific formulas to mitigate the stress on the body caused by alcohol.

Fact: Alcovit is NOT a cure.  Once a build-up of toxins such as acetaldehyde are in your blood, the damage has been done. Any product taken the next day will not reduce the amount of acetaldehyde being processed by your liver.

Fact: Never drink and drive. It’s illegal, dangerous and stupid.

Fact: Hangovers are the worst .... full stop! Prevention is always better than a cure. Hangovers prevented by science just makes sense…"

is a great value product and very useful to anyone who suffers from hangovers. It is now available at YsEpicure,

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