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Heartbreaking video lifts lid on modern slavery

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It's the most confronting video you'll see all year, 12 young men auctioned off as slaves in Libya.

Prepare to be shocked with this disturbing video of children being sold into slavery, something that we should have moved past as a species many, many years ago.

Migrants being sold as slaves in Libya


As you can see from the above video, slavery and human trafficking is alive and well in 2017, which is such an unsettling thought. 

The people being sold are referred to as Merchandise and are sold for their usefulness to Libyan farmers. They are migrants and refugees, fleeing one horrifying situation to end up in another. 

Issues like this are very rarely reported and seem to have a lack of awareness in Australia, so why not share this article to let other people know that such atrocious rights violations still occur today? Hopefully together, we can all make a difference. 

Another shocking documentary has been released that highlights the devastating practise of human sex trafficking, which still somehow takes place in the world today. 

On The Road depicts the heartbreaking truth of sex trafficking in Europe, in which Nigerian girls as young as 14 are forced by family to make the tumultuous journey from Nigeria to Italy (via Libya) 

This BBC reporter lifts the lid on migrants being sold as slaves in Libya.

This BBC reporter lifts the lid on migrants being sold as slaves in Libya. Picture: YouTube


Statistics suggest that over 11,000 women arrived in Italy from Nigeria last year, with 80% of them ending up in prostitution rings. They are forced to work by abusive madams who beat them and apply 'voodoo curses' upon them. 

It is so disturbing that human trafficking still exists in the world and it must be stopped. We have voices and need to use them to help these people who are suffering, we can make an impact through spreading awareness and supporting organisations that fight against this oppression. 

So let's make sure that we can spread the word and make an impact for these victims of the dark side of humanity.

With soccer star Paul Pogba mentioning this epidemic on social media, combining with your commitment to protesting these despicable acts, we can put enough pressure on the global community to finish slavery once and for all.

Some anti-trafficking organisations that would be worthy of your support include:

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