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How we are loving some dogs to death

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If you truly love dogs, you must watch this video. Then share it with your friends.

If you knew that the physical features that a pure-breed dog was prized for were going to cause it pain or premature death, would you still buy one?

French bulldogs are flat-faced and unable to properly breathe.

French bulldogs are flat-faced and unable to properly breathe. Picture: Shutterstock

Sadly, this is exactly what is happening in Australia at the moment, off the back of the trend for ''cute'' pugs, french bulldogs, boston terriers and bulldogs -- any breed with a squashed in face.

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It seems our need to get likes on Instagram by being photographed with cute, trendy dogs is causing our four-legged friends harm -- and our hard-working veterinarians plenty of stress and anger. 

Just imagine, if you will, splurging $4000 on a french bulldog puppy, not realising that the breed's highly prized squashed-in face will do that puppy much harm down the road.

Breeding to accentuate this feature means the animals suffer significant breathing problems that can result in plenty of expensive vet bills, surgical interventions such as tracheotomies, or even lead to them being put down.

And for one of the women in this compelling, must-watch video from SBS's The Feed, this was the exact nightmare that ended with her having just 30 minutes to decide to put her beloved frenchie down (please watch it below and then share).

I don't know about you, but this is not something I could have weighing on my conscience after buying a puppy.

Please watch the video and if you are thinking of getting a puppy, why not rescue a loveable, healthy mixed-breed from your nearest animal shelter? 

The Purebred Crisis: How dogs are being deformed in the name of fashion

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