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Why do people kill their children?

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Why do so many selfish parents insist on slowly killing their children with their bad habits?

Only 3% of people who contract lung cancer do not smoke.

Smoking kills innocent children too.

Smoking kills innocent children too. Picture: Shutterstock

Smoking kills people. Fortunately, only 14% of Australians still smoke.
At the same time, 63.4% of Australians are overweight or obese. Obesity also kills people, and in increasing numbers across this country.

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While smoking and obesity are not good, they are not my concern today. My concern is the number of parents who smoke in close with their children - and the parents who encourage obesity by feeding their children Hungry Jacks or McDonalds on a regular basis.

I believe that these parents are risking their children’s lives.

Many times, I have seen an adult driving along smoking with a young child strapped into a car seat in the back of the car. In this environment, both the parent and the child are smoking. The parent is giving the child no choice but to take in poisoned smoke that will certainly damage their lungs. In effect, these parents are assaulting a young child.

And, it does not have to be this extreme.  Parents smoking in the house, smoking while walking down the street with their child or even smoking while eating outside, are all endangering the lungs and therefore the lives of their children. Again, I cannot see this as anything else other than assault and potentially manslaughter.

Of course, many such parents will argue that giving up smoking is difficult. It is difficult. I know, I have done it. To my mind, however, the life a child is worth the difficulty. Should we all not do difficult things for the sake of our children? Isn't that expected of a decent parent?

My office is on William Street and not far from Hungry Jacks and McDonalds. I am often astounded by the steady stream of obese parents taking their obese children into these outlets to buy and consume food with little if any food value. How can parents feed their children food that they know is not at all good for them?

I know that the kids want junk food, but it is an irresponsible parent that gives their children everything they want. Would these parents let their children play on the main road if they want to? If not, why allow them to eat McDonalds, Hungry Jacks, Coke and Pepsi? And if they do feed these foods to their children, why would they do it more than once a month?

I know that parents will say that fast food is easy, but there are healthy fast foods, including Sumo Salad, and is what is easy for the parents the important criterion?  I would argue that a child’s health is considerably more important than what is easy for their parents. I would argue further that if parents are not prepared to do what is hard, they should not have children.

I really and genuinely do not understand why these parents in addition to allowing their children to be poisoned will set for their children an example that involves smoking and eating junk. Many parents seem to forget that children learn most of their behaviours from their parents. As a friend said to me yesterday ‘the apple never falls far from the tree’.

Of course, this endangerment of children’s lives is not just related to smoking and eating junk food. Alcohol in moderation is a good thing, but excessive drinking also sets a bad example for children and allowing children to drink at home before they are 18 is also child endangerment. I know this creates difficulties for parents who want to have fun or have teenagers nagging for a drink, but again, if a parent cannot and will not do the hard things, should they be having children?

Many parents might not like to think about it but their behaviour is risking the health and well-being of their children. There still seems to be many parents who view having children as a ‘right’, when in fact it is ‘responsibility’. People might have the right to procreate, but if they do, they surely have a responsibility to do the difficult things that give that child the best possible chance in life.

You know I have heard a parent scold a child for being rude, then tell them to get on with eating their McDonalds cardboard while mum gets on with hoovering nicotine. Tell me, what is more important, the child’s manners and the parents sensibilities, or the child’s lungs and BMI?

Why are so many parents killing their children?

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