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Guess who I am to win a bottle of wine

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About Lanno

I was born when Richard Nixon was running the show and I am still alive today.
I've had a wide range of employment from Public Service, Nursing, Parliamentary Assistant to a Senator in Canberra and Teaching.
I come from a large family of nine. 
I am the eldest of one set of twins in the family.
I have lived in Canberra, Coonamble and Merriwa.
I enjoy movies and the Academy Awards.
My favourite actress is Meryl Streep.


This final Who Am I? brainteaser for the year is a corker. Can you guess who it is?

To go in the draw to win a bottle of Helen & Joey Estate Layla Cabernet Merlot, all you have to do is tell me who I am, following the 10 clues I provide. 

Can you guess who I am? Picture: Shutterstock.

Can you guess who I am? Picture: Shutterstock

The winner will be chosen randomly from the correct entrants next week.

Last week's Who Am I? brainteaser was won by Queenie, of Perth, who correctly answered Eva Peron.

Can you take home the prize for our final Who Am I? of the year?

Who am I?

  • I was born when Teddy was running the US and died when it was Ford.
  • I was raised in a prominent Catholic family.
  • I was kicked out of one of my schools for forging my report card.
  • I had a love of motorcycles and competed recreationally in mountain races.
  • I was arrested on several occasions – a few times for being drunk.
  • I married the daughter of a farmer in my late 20s, but fathered two children to another woman after a long-term affair.
  • I am renowned for saving hundreds of lives during one of the wars.
  • I spent most of my fortune on bribes and the black market.
  • I worked in and ran many businesses over the course of my life, but died penniless.
  • The countries of my birth, death and resting place are all different.
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