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Roger Federer: Pure Class

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Earlier this week I had the absolute pleasure of attending a night session at the Hopman Cup in Perth, having received tickets from a family friend who is employed at Perth Arena. The matchup was between Switzerland and Russia, with the obvious drawcard being tennis legend Roger Federer.

Roger Federer is all class (Image: Shutterstock).

Roger Federer is all class (Image: Shutterstock)

Federer was being challenged by Russian hotshot Karen Khachanov, the 45th best player in the world. Khachanov is no scrub. Standing at an imposing 198cm (13cm taller than Federer) and with greater power hitting and younger legs, I thought an upset could have been on the cards, due to Khachanovs apparent physical superiority. I'm not saying that Federer (the worlds current number 2 ranked player) is unfit, however being 15 years older than his 21 year old counterpart should put Federer at a physical disadvantage, however, it seems Federer is not normal.

Federer thoroughly dismantled his opponent in the first set before a more even second set. Throughout the match I couldn't help but marvel at the way that Federer could win points with patience, and pushing his younger opponent all over the court with a mix of grace and power.

Federer played with passion and class while simultaneously bantering with the crowd and generally ensuring that everyone involved enjoyed themselves, overall being a wonderful ambassador for the sport. It would be poor of me to not mention how talented and good natured Khachanov was as well as he was also delightful to watch, but Federer truly stole the show.

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