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Memory Lane: January 11

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Celebrating a birthday or anniversary today/ See what other amazing things happened throughout history.

What happened on today's date over the years, you wonder?

What happened on today in history?.

What happened on today in history?

As it happens, plenty -- from famous birthdays to important cultural and weather events.

Here's just a taste: 

  • LA's world-famous discotheque, Whisky a Go Go, opens in LA (1964)
  • R'n'b queen Mary J. Blige born in New York City (1972)
  • Snowfall recorded for the first time in Los Angeles (1949)
  • Australian movie star Rod Taylor born in Sydney (1930)
  • Former Indian cricket captain Rahul Dravid born (1973)
  • Were you a fan of discotheque music, or was rock and roll more your scene? 

    Sound off in the comments below.

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