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WA Govt, City of Perth ignore inner-city piggery

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A coward-punch attack and a pathetic response from the City of Perth followed my rant about the disgusting state of our streets. Here's what happened.

Earlier this week, I wrote a post here about the many social problems in the city of Perth, including aggressive beggars, people urinating in alley ways, and selfish drivers blocking driveways illegally.

The moment an unidentified man is knocked out cold from behind, right outside our office on William St.

The moment an unidentified man is knocked out cold from behind, right outside our office on William St. Picture: YouTube

While the article detailed the issues that city workers were subjected to on a daily basis, the focus of the article was to expose the lack of will on the part of the WA Government and the City of Perth to address them.

Read more: Will anyone fix the social issues in the City of Perth?

As evidence of this lack of will, here is the official response to that article from the City of Perth, as emailed to me this week:

Thank you for ing the City of Perth and providing the link to the article.

There are a number of social issues that have been raised within the article that are deep and complex, providing great challenges that many capital cities face with few successes. The City of Perth, whilst somewhat unique in the causes of these issues compared to other cities, is no different.

The City of Perth is currently developing a strategy to help ease these issues long term and would welcome any constructive public feedback for consideration.

In response it is interesting to note that:

  • Saying Perth is no different from some other cities is hardly an adequate response. We should solve the issues, not compare ourselves to other cities
  • Tokyo, to name just one city – is VERY different. Perth is hardly unique
  • These issues have been evident for years and it is less than comforting that the city is only now developing a strategy
  • Strategies are one thing, but action is another. Local governments love strategy and consultation, but react less effectively when it comes to taking action
  • The issues raised here are relatively straight forward and can surely require a will on the part of the city and state government. None of this is new.

 Well, since hotelnepal published my initial comment piece, a number of things have happened.

Firstly, as I was walking to my car last night, a fellow walked past me, said hello and started urinating.

Secondly, we received a copy of a video of an innocent bystander being coward-punched from behind right outside of our office, by two young thugs. You can see a less distressing version here.

Man punched in the head outside Perth kebab shop

Thirdly, I could not get my car into the car bay that we pay for, because of two illegally parked vehicles at 9pm (when the parking team at the City of Perth are home in front of television).

Fourthly, when I did drive through this morning, I did so over a mountain of rubbish.

Finally, I noticed more beggars as I walked to the office.

But hey, this is a fairly typical night and morning, really.

To liken the area I am talking about a ''piggery'' may seem extreme, and I guess it is. But while pigs are dirty, by our standards, they don't behave as badly as the people referred to in my original article or in this one.

The fact is, the City of Perth and the WA Government are putting the health and wellbeing of the community at risk ''while strategies are being developed''. At the same time, they are saying ''tough'' to tax and ratepaying business people. They would rather develop strategies and consult while Rome (or in this case, Perth) burns.

What will they say the next time someone is assaulted, or worse still, killed in this area?

What will they say the next time one of my staff are hit on by an aggressive beggar? What will they say the next time an argument breaks out between pedestrians and commuters? What will they say the next time a child walks down the street and sucks in a lung full of cigarette smoke?

We know what they will say: The City of Perth is currently developing a strategy to help ease these issues long term and would welcome any constructive public feedback for consideration.

Can they also tell me if my workers' compensation will pay out, how I will pick up the lost productivity from an injured staff member, how my staff and I get to work when the driveway is blocked, and is it OK for people to punch shit out of each other at night in these areas – while they develop their strategy and consult?

Join the debate now! Share your thoughts and grievances in the comments below.

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