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Over 50? Here's five ways to thrive

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About Sue @ Sizzling Towards 60 & Beyond

I'm Sue Loncaric and I'm Sizzling Towards 60 & Beyond. I love running and keeping fit and healthy so I can keep up with my grandson. I started my blog after retiring early. I retired to spend more time with my husband but after a few months I felt lost. So I started to encourage women of midlife to embrace and enjoy this new phase of life. This is the time to explore new opportunities and to be fit, fabulous, healthier and happier.

Being healthy means not just in body -- but in mind and spirit. Here are 5 ways to start thriving today.

Turning 50 is a fabulous milestone and can be such an exciting time of life.  Empty nests mean that we can now focus on our own needs and desires. For some, a career change or even early retirement can h bring exciting changes and new adventures.

Thriving through a healthy lifestyle.

Thriving through a healthy lifestyle

There are downsides to midlife, such as feeling loss of identity and changes to our bodies. It is harder to lose the kilos and other health issues can arise.

The GOOD NEWS is that you can thrive, enjoying a fit and active life, by making some small changes.

Being healthy means not just health in body, but also mind and spirit. So much emphasis is placed on physical fitness, but our mental health and wellbeing is vital as we move through midlife and beyond.

1. Consistency is the key

It doesn’t matter how often you want to exercise, how much weight you would like to lose or whether you want to have less stress or anxiety in your life, CONSISTENCY is the key.  Find something you enjoy and just move!

Exercise regularly - at least 4-5 times per week or ideally, 30 minutes every day.  Choosing an activity you enjoy will make it easier to include exercise into your life without it becoming a chore.

You need to make being healthy a lifestyle not just a quick-fix diet or exercise program that promises miracles but delivers short term results.

2. Make a plan

To be consistent, you need to make a plan and STICK TO IT!  I’m old-fashioned and like to write things down, so I make a plan of my weekly exercise program and put it on the fridge so I can tick off when I’ve done it.

If you are wanting to lose weight, don’t starve yourself. Cut out the treats and make healthier food choices.  You may like to read my article .  Make sure your pantry and fridge are stocked with nutritious food and you set up some prep time each week. This will prevent grabbing an unhealthy snack or meal because you weren’t prepared with a healthy option.

3. Treat yourself to some workout gear

It is amazing how motivated you feel just putting on some new active wear. You just want to work out and it makes you feel good. Investing in good workout gear (especially shoes, if you plan to run or walk) is important to provide comfort and give yourself a boost.  Well-fitted, comfortable shoes are a must to help prevent injury.

4. Start your day with gratitude

Make time each morning to start your day with gratitude. Think of three positive things in your life and reflect on/appreciate them.  Keeping a gratitude journal can be helpful, plus it's amazing to look back and see how abundant your life really is.

5. Keep connected

Staying connected with family and friends is another key to maintaining a healthy lifestyle. Studies have shown that regularly meeting up with loved ones, or joining a new group of like-minded people, can improve mental health and reinforce a positive quality of life.

What is one healthful change you can make today to help you start thriving?

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