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Memory Lane: February 1

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It's February 1, so let's take a stroll back through history and see what events took place on today's date.

February 1 has marked some major events over the years ... many in the world of entertainment. Here's a taste for you:

Richard Nixon and Neil Young.

Richard Nixon and Neil Young

  • In 1893, Thomas Edison finishes building the world's first movie studio, in New Jersey in the US. 
  • The USSR demands condemnation of Emperor Hirohito in 1950 for war crimes.
  • The men of Switzerland vote against giving voting rights to women in 1959.
  • Rod Laver defeats Neale Fraser to win the 1960 Australian Open.
  • The Beatles hit No.1 for the first time with I Want to Hold Your Hand, in 1964. It stayed there for seven weeks.
  • In 1968, former US vice-president Richard Nixon announces his candidacy for president.
  • Neil Young's Harvest is released in 1972, becoming the best-selling album of the year .
  • John Grisham publishes The Firm in 1991. It becomes the best-selling novel of the year.
  • In 1992, Barry Bonds signs the then-highest, single-year contract in baseball history of $4.7 million.
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