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Men and Alzheimer's: what you need to know

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Men are more at risk of undiagnosed Alzheimer's than women, studies show.

Male Alzheimer's sufferers are more likely to suffer “atypical” symptoms that are more difficult to spot -- meaning many go undiagnosed, a study has found.

Get yourself checked out men! (Image: Shutterstock).

Get yourself checked out men! (Image: Shutterstock)

Simply put, men are less likely to notice signs of memory loss than women, due to them suffering lesser damage. 

Now scientists are confident that simple eye tests may soon be used to spot early signs of Alzheimer’s disease long before symptoms emerge.

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The Mayo Clinic  study of 1600 patients found that damage to the hippocampus -- an important region of the brain for memory -- was more common in women than in men. But men are more likely to suffer from aphasia (language problems) or coticobasal degeneration (movement problems).

Also worth considering is that the onset of Alzheimer's disease differs in by about 10 years -- with men spiking in their 60s, while women tend to get it in the 70s and beyond. 

With the 2016 research showing that the disease affects gender differently, perhaps this suggests that the disease is less likely to be recognised in men.

Statistics show that two in three Alzheimer's patients are women, however this may be inaccurate due to the previously mentioned studies.

With this in mind, I urge everyone to get checked for Alzheimer's and dementia symptoms on a semi-regular basis.

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