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All power to Donald Trump

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I am really tired of gutless politicians who lack vision and the capacity to get us there.We need a leader and i cannot see one anywhere.

Donald Trump may well win the 2016 US presidential election. What will that tell us?

There's an increasing possibility that Donald Trump will win the American presidency. The polls are tightening and he has confounded just about every commentator thus far.

While repugnant to many, Donald Trump may yet serve a greater purpose.

While repugnant to many, Donald Trump may yet serve a greater purpose. Pic: iStock

Some say this will be the end of civilisation as we know it. Others say it will simply destroy the economy. Many Americans seem to think it will make their lives better.

Who knows!

I would suggest that he has served one good purpose, the same purpose served by BREXIT, Pauline Hanson in Australia and other similar events that seem to be becoming increasingly common.

While repugnant to many, is inflammatory US presidential candidate Donald Trump actually serving a greater good? Join the discussion here today.

The Donald and these many events have served to highlight complete despair in the current political system – a system that has delivered us:

  • Gutless politicians who will not take on the big issues
  • Self-serving politicians beholden to power blocks
  • Dishonest politicians who fail to do as promised
  • Short-sighted politicians who articulate no vision
  • It is the latter that concerns me most.

    It is years since I've heard a politician in just about any country articulate a clear vision for his or her country. It is rare in the world and unheard of in Australia over the past 20 years for a politician to outline exactly what they are trying to create and how they will create it.

    Vision is important. It not only provides direction, it inspires people, brings them together and encourages them to work together to realise a plan that serves the long-term needs of the population.

    In Australia, Menzies had a vision, Whitlam had a vision and Keating had a vision. But no prime minister since has articulated any kind. Articulation of a vision is part of effective leadership – and leadership is the one feature lacking in our political system today.

    Hence, people are turning to alternatives – even if they involve people as repugnant as Donald Trump and Pauline Hanson.  When an individual in the desert cannot see the water, they will drink the sand.

    Will this change? I doubt it!

    Can this change? Most certainly!

    How will change occur? By the community supporting alternatives such as Donald Trump until the establishment gets the message!

    I despise Donald Trump and everything he stands for, but he may well be performing a service.

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