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Values are crap!

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There is something just not right about our world and it involves the self centred, self serving nature of people.

I always think twice when a business lists its values on its website.

There is no reason a business should not list its values on its website, but when one does, I often find myself asking why. Is it because it needs to point them out because they are not evident from the behaviour of the organisation and its staff?

Corporate values don't seem to be worth squat these days.

Corporate values don't seem to be worth squat these days. Pic: iStock


  • Despite listing INTEGRITY as one of its values, OPTUS was fined in 2015 for false and misleading advertising.
  • Despite INTEGRITY being listed as one of WESFARMERS values, Coles was recently fined for poor behaviour toward suppliers.
  • Despite having INTEGRITY as one of its values, there have been questions about the behaviour of BHP and its subsidiary after a dam burst and killed 19 in Brazil.
  • Despite having integrity as one of its values, the COMMONWEALTH BANK has been the subject of many investigations regarding Bankwest, superannuation and, more recently, insurance.
  • The list goes on and on and on.

    It seems to me that where ever a corporate cites INTEGRITY as one of its values, you can rest assured it has little.

    The current government was quick to investigate the corrupt practises on the CFMEU and other unions, which may well have been a valid thing to do. The evidence available to me, however, suggests that corporates who claim to have integrity are little if any better. They may, in fact, be worse.

    I see so much evidence that corporates here and around the world (take the investment and commercial banks in the US at the time of the global financial crisis, for example) are anything but ethical. They demonstrate just about everything but integrity.

    Why is business so lacking in integrity?

    When are we going to hold these businesses accountable?

    When are they going to be seen to be as corrupt as unions (which I believe many are)?

    Why are we not all saying more?

    Will you be listing integrity on your website as one of your values?

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