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Principled Christensen and Gutless Turnbull?

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About Provokative

I am really tired of gutless politicians who lack vision and the capacity to get us there.We need a leader and i cannot see one anywhere.

Are we running out of politicians with principles and courage? It seems so!

I disagree with almost everything that the Member for Dawson, George Christensen says. That said, I respect absolutely his right to say it and the courageous way in which he fights for what he believes.

Our politicians are lacking in courage and conviction, says Provokative Political.

Our politicians are lacking in courage and conviction, says Provokative Political. Pic: iStock

On a number of occasions, this conservative politician has used the media and threats of crossing the floor to take a stand against proposed policies put forward by his government, which he disagrees with strongly. All power to him.

Contrast this with Malcolm Turnbull and his band of moderate Liberals. Turnbull has previously told us he supports strident action on climate change and gay marriage without a plebiscite. He has, however, failed to stand firm on either belief and is now arguing for positions he does not believe in.

It may be suggested that this is his responsibility as the leader. I would argue that as the leader, he should lead, not follow. I would argue that even if this excuse works for Turnbull, it does not work for his moderate colleagues. They are clearly gutless.

Is Christensen the only principled politician in this government?

He is certainly one of the few with a voice.

He may even be one of the few politicians from either of the two major parties who is clear on what he believes in and stands ready to take a stand.

What is wrong with our politicians?

Where is their courage?

Where are their principles – right or left?

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