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The end of days

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I am really tired of gutless politicians who lack vision and the capacity to get us there.We need a leader and i cannot see one anywhere.

Is it any wonder that crazy Christians think we are approaching the end of days?

For many, the term "end of days" means the end of life on earth, or life as we know it. Christians may suggest this as Armageddon.

With spineless politicians caring only about their seats, is it any wonder we're heading for the end.

With spineless politicians caring only about their seats, is it any wonder we're heading for the end. Pic: iStock

I am not Christian, but I am getting a real sense that the end of days are approaching. I can certainly see the end of the current societal structure and the system that governs our lives, particularly in the west.

The BREXIT vote suggests that many in the UK are unhappy with the system. The success of Pauline Hansen in Australia suggests a level of unhappiness here. The success of far Right parties in much of Europe suggest disillusionment in that part of the world. And the fact that Donald Trump has got as far as he has in the US suggests Americans are tiring of the system.

But is any of this surprising, given:

  • The mess that western governments have created in the Middle East since WWII;
  • The unkind treatment of boat people, once known as refugees;
  • The poverty created by the rich getting richer, at the expense of the poor;
  • The dishonesty of governments and their leaders, who think nothing of lying;
  • The political populism of all political parties in the western world;
  • The absolute lack of values displayed by politicians.
  • And I want to comment on this last point further.

    Just three months ago, NSW Premier Mike Baird (whom I have always seen as a good leader) believed that greyhound racing was immoral and banned it. Today, he has bowed to political pressure and his values have been sacrificed for political survival.

    A few short years ago, Malcolm Turnbull was an active campaigner for action to mitigate climate change and a free vote on gay marriage. Today, he is campaigning against alternative energy targets and pushing for a plebiscite that is not backed up by a mandatory vote.

    Do these men have any principles?

    Do these men stand for anything other than their survival?

    When leaders behave like this, is it any wonder that the community loses faith in them?

    When our leaders have no moral backbone – on issues of human rights (gay marriage) and the future of the planet (climate change) -  is it any wonder that many think this is the end of times?

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