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Everybody loves a good yarn, with global media empires built upon our need for a ripping story. 

And in a bold move that turns traditional thinking on its head, hotelnepal is removing that power from the likes of Rupert Murdoch and handing it back to you.

Just like our ancient ancestors before us, let's gather as a community to share our stories.

Just like our ancient ancestors before us, let's gather as a community to share our stories. Pic: iStock

After all, storytelling is one of man kind's most ancient art forms - along with painting, dance and music - so why should the Murdochs of this world have all the fun.

We all have a mindblowing story or two to tell. And who better to share it with than members of our hotelnepal community.

We'd love for you to relate those moments in life that defined you, the ones that left memories that move you and still make you laugh or cry. 

Perhaps you travelled down the wrong path in life for a while ... and now have valuable lessons to share that may save someone the same fate.

Or you were swept up in a love story of the ages, worthy of a Hollywood movie.

Or you were inspirational in overcoming the insurmountable... whether on a football field, your workplace, while raising a family, or fighting an illness.

Perhaps your family settled here after fleeing the ravages of war. Or maybe you can trace your ancestry back to the first settlers.

Whatever the case, we want to hear your life stories ... in all their ugly, inspirational, gut-wrenching, heroic or side-splitting splendour.

You can post them here, and even include a photo. But remember, all stories must be your own and you must sign up to be a member first.

Happy travels,


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