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Review: Fairy tale ending to Bridget Jones' Baby

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Why the latest Bridget Jones movie can be considered a modern-day fairy tale ....

SPOILER ALERT: I'll be discussing the ending of "Bridget Jones's Baby" - although I won't reveal the father of Bridget's baby. You'll have to see the movie to find that out! 

Fairy tale endings are fine, but that's not exactly how real life pans out.

Fairy tale endings are fine, but that's not exactly how real life pans out.

Much as I enjoyed Bridget Jones's Baby, the ending did seem a bit too "fairy tale" for my liking ...

The years have not been kind to Bridget Jones. She looks a lot older than her 43 years (all that smoking must have finally caught up with her); and she finds herself celebrating her birthday all on her lonesome ownsome.

What happened?! Sadly, things just didn't work out with her Mr Darcy - she always felt she came a poor second to his high-powered law career. Her old gang have all become 'smug marrieds' with kids. At least Bridget has her career.

Yet before the month is out, she finds herself pregnant, with two potential candidates as her baby daddy.

Who's the Daddy?!

Who is the biological father? Is it her old flame, Mark Darcy? Or is it the dashing American, Jack Qwant? And who will she choose "for better, for worse"?

Although I'm not revealing the identity of the the father, I am going to tell you that the movie closes with Bridget (finally!) marrying her Mr Darcy. I love a happy ending, don't you?! 

Upon reflection, however, I couldn't help feeling that like most fairy tales, it perpetuates the myth of love conquering all.

If Bridget and Mark couldn't make their relationship work BEFORE, what on earth makes them think they can do it now - with the addition of a baby to complicate things?

There was no indication that they did anything to address the issues that led them to break up previously, making me doubt that the relationship will actually last.

Making a Relationship Last

Sure, Mark tossed his mobile phone out the window to prove that Bridget was more important to him than work. Such a grand gesture! But good luck with that ... because the reality is, he'll still need a mobile phone when all is said and done.

Did he truly change his ways, putting Bridget and the baby first? Have the newlyweds learned to communicate properly? Did they go for ?

Love is a wonderful thing, but it doesn't triumph over everything - or at least, not without a lot of hard work.

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