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Our school system fosters retardation

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The longer you stay at school, the more retarded you become.

American marketing guru, speaker and author Seth Godin once walked out in front of a crowd and said: "Good morning, everyone", to which he received the response: "Good afternoon, Mr Godin". He in turn noted the high level of conformity resulting from years in the school system.

Our school system was designed in, and for, the industrial age.

Our school system was designed in, and for, the industrial age. Pic: iStock

The point here is that school teaches students how to behave and respond – often without constructive rhyme or reason.

Former Oxford University Professor of Education Ken Robinson has repeatedly suggested that our Western education system is terrifically outdated - having been designed during the industrial revolution.

This type of education kills creativity in a world that increasingly relies on innovation driven by creative thinking.

Edward de Bono has noted that while schools teach students a lot, the most important thing they don’t teach them is how to think. They teach facts, not the capacity to think.

Not only are most people lacking the capacity for lateral thinking, encouraging conservative behaviour, but they lack the capacity for objective and critical thinking.

Every time an individual expresses a view for which they lack evidence, they are demonstrating an inability to think objectively – a concern when every great step forward in society has required objective thinking and the rejection of subjectivity.

Every time I hear someone tell me that the outcome of a court case is wrong, when they only have a fraction of the available facts, I understand just how rare objective thinking is.

Every time someone accepts what they read in a newspaper or on social media, they are displaying their inability to think critically.

I struggle to believe anything I read in the media and never believe social media reports without supporting evidence. To do otherwise is stupidity.

Every time someone suggests that anything is black and white, they are demonstrating their incapacity, or unwillingness, to think laterally. There is rarely only one solution or a clear right and wrong.

Lateral thinking is the key to great leaps forward and it is by far the least common type of thinking.

Schools retard children by emphasising socialisation, and preparing students for the industrial jobs that are becoming fewer and fewer.

Not only does this retard the individuals and their ability to get meaningful employment – it retards society as a whole.

Let's stop calling teachers Mr, Mrs or even Ms. They should get respect when they start teaching and stop socialising.

Am I being too harsh?

Maybe, but I'm not far wide of the mark!

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