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Stop eating meat

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Eating meat is immoral, unhealthy and unsustainable.

The world's production of food over the next 50 years needs to double if we are to feed the rapidly growing population.

There is a lot to be said for a vegetarian lifestyle.

There is a lot to be said for a vegetarian lifestyle. Pic: iStock

If we keep depending on meat (and fish) as a staple, we will never be in a position to feed everyone. There is simply not enough cultivable land, nor fish in the sea, to provide food for everyone on the planet.

This is just one reason we should stop eating meat. Indeed, it is one very good reason.

There are a number of others. The approach we take to processing (slaughtering) is inhumane, breeding animals for slaughter kills the environment and meat is just not good for us.

Killing animals enmasse is inhumane. They can spell death, just like we can. It is more than inhumane to keep chickens in cages and pigs in stalls. Agricultural animals produce more greenhouse gas than transport and electricity combined. There is nothing in meat that people need and any number of diseases associated with its consumption.

In my view, if you cannot slaughter an animal as our forebears did, then you have no place eating them.

There are, of course, a number of myths perpetuated by people who profit from the consumption of meat. They include the notion that meat is a required source of protein, meat products are a required sources of calcium, fish and chicken are better than red meat, and we need Omega 3.

These are not just myths, but bullshit perpetuated by people who make money from meat that cannot be made from fruit and vegetables.

There is enough protein in vegetables for active athletes. Where do we think the animal gets the protein, if not from vegetables. There is more than enough calcium in vegetables for any human being. Fish and chicken are every bit as unhealthy as red meat. We only need additional omega 3 because we ingest the omega 6 from meat.

We eat meat today for a number of reasons, including, we are too ill-informed to change, we are too selfish to change, we are not strong enough to change, and/or business makes money out of it.

Others just rationalise their behaviour or close their mind to the issues – often uttering stupidities such as other animals eat meat, or we have teeth and a small intestine for eating meat.

For many years, businesses told us that fat was bad for us because they wanted us to buy sugar-saturated products. Now we find it is sugar that is killing us.

For many years, business has been telling us that meat is necessary for our diets, while the fact is, it isn’t – and few people will eat it 15 years from now.

Just a thought!

Where have I got this wrong?

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