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Watch: Kitty Flanagan on panda porn

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Should we be worried about pandas?

One of Australia’s favourite comedic commentator, Kitty Flanagan, is worried about the wellbeing of pandas. You heard right. Pandas.

She even took to Charlie Pickering’s show, The Weekly, to express her concerns last week. Regardless of the animal's status being changed from endangered to vulnerable, Kitty was appalled by the news that porn was to be thanked.

Concerned about the influence ‘panda porn’ will have on young female pandas, Kitty was not impressed by this socially irresponsible solution.

Is the entire species suicidal? Are they addicted to bamboo? What can humans do to help?

All the answers to these questions and more are hilariously speculated in the video below.

Well worth a watch and a laugh.

The Weekly: Panda Porn


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