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Else>>>ofound wisdom from the shower

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In the third of this series, we take a look at some of the profound shower wisdsom sweeping the internet.

You know those random, but mindblowingly revolutionary thoughts you have in the shower? It seems now they are thing, with passionate internet groups devoted to there discussion and analysis.

If you come up with any pearls, make sure you send them in! (Image: Shutterstock).

If you come up with any pearls, make sure you send them in! (Image: Shutterstock)

Here's a few mindbending examples from reddit:

  • ''The fact that the death of a scientist is headline news worldwide is, in some ways, the most fitting tribute Stephen Hawking could possibly have.''
  • ''If boys screamed at girl bands the way girls scream at boy bands', it would be terrifying and hilarious.''
  • ''Using a dollar bill as a book mark is cheaper than buying a book mark.''
  • ''The fact that Bing's first suggestion is Google instead of goggles when you search for goggles is a good indicator as to why they aren't the No.1 search engine.
  • ''We dumb down our vocabulary to babies at a time when their minds are most capable of learning language.''
  • ''Allowing free bank accounts for kids under 18 is really the example of a bank playing the long game.''
  • ''Hide and seek is a seemingly innocent game, when in reality we are teaching our children the skills needed to survive if they are being hunted.''
  • If Dr Seuss were reincarnated today, he would become a legend in the rap/hip-hop world.''
  • ''Even though Stephen Hawking is gone from this earth, they can still use his voice for narration.''
  • ''You only exist because of every choice that was made from people since the beginning of time.''
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