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Sex is like food

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Religions and society are too focused on sex.

Why is religion so obsessed with sex? Most religions have something to say about just about every aspect of sex: the whens, whys, hows and even who we should have it with.

Sex is as primal an instinct as eating, writes Subversive Sam.

Sex is as primal an instinct as eating, writes Subversive Sam. Pic: iStock

Catholicism has a lot to say about masturbation, heterosexual sex, homosexual sex, sex in marriage, sex outside of marriage and contraception. This is the sasme with most religions and is ignored by many followers.

But why is religion so obsessed with sex?

And why is society so obsessed with sex?

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There are laws pertaining to so many issues relating to sex, including age of consent, what we can watch in movies, who can marry whom, nudity and breast feeding.

Why is society obsessed with the act, or, worse still, obsessed with controlling sex?

Legislating the age of consent makes good sense, but the rest makes none at all to me – especially the laws relating to movies. In this country, children are allowed to watch dreadful violence but not sex and especially not nudity.

As far as I know, a nude body never hurt anyone.

I argue that sex is no different to food. We need food to live and we need sex to live. We enjoy food and we enjoy sex. Eating is a basic human urge and sex is a basic human urge.

Why do we see it any differently?

Animals treat sex like food, so why don’t human beings? And, for that matter, what is wrong with having the urges of an animal?

Why is sex a special case? 

Why is our society so focused on controlling the sex lives of people?

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Sex is like food

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