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Rewinding the clock one powerlift at a time

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There's no fountain of youth in Castlemaine, yet the town's older folk suddenly look much younger and fitter.

An unlikely sport has captured the hearts and biceps of Castlemaine's older women.

A powerlifting craze is transforming Castlemaine's older women.

A powerlifting craze is transforming Castlemaine's older women. Picture: YouTube

 It's even turned one of them into a national champion at the ripe young age of 68.

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What's their secret?

It's powerlifting, and it's breathing new life into ageing bodies in the sleepy central Victorian town, led by inspirational fitness trainer Dean Mawby.

His star pupil is Therese Pollard, 68, a retired nurse who took up the sport just 15 months ago. She wanted to get herself fit and healthy so she could enjoy the rest of her life ... and became hooked from her very first powerlift.

So much so, that she is now the women's national over-60s powerlifting champion -- and a major inspiration about town. 

For more on this amazing story, check out this inspiring video and interviews by SBS's The Feed. 

Raising the Bar - The Feed


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