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Remedy Kombucha a celebrity favourite

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About remedy

Remedy Kombucha is Australia’s most loved kombucha: a sparkling live-cultured drink that tastes delicious, is mighty good for you and will make you feel amazing.

Teetotal comedian Dave Hughes can't get enough of it!

Comedian Dave Hughes is in love. With . It’s a love that was put to the test – the breathalyser test, in fact – but we are happy to say passed with flying colours.

Dave Hughes loving the alcohol free kombucha image: supplied.

Dave Hughes loving the alcohol free kombucha image: supplied

It all began when Hughesy – who hasn’t had an alcoholic drink in 25 years – started proclaiming his love for our kombucha live on the Hughesy and Kate Show on KIIS FM.

“I’m enjoying my kombucha,” said Hughesy.

“I think it tastes great.”

“I’ve been drinking it on a daily basis.”

Not long after, a listener called in to say that kombucha can contain trace amounts of alcohol.

We knew alcohol wasn’t an issue for our kombucha. You see, while a smidgen of alcohol can be produced during the natural fermentation , the good bacteria that goes into kombucha actually consumes the alcohol and produces organic acids that are super good for you.

We test every batch to make sure the alcohol is well below trace amounts and could never lead to any kind of intoxication.

To prove the point, we sent co-founder Emmet Condon and our in-house scientist, research and development manager Steve Byrne, into the studio to conduct an experiment. 

Firstly, Hughesy had to drink six bottles of in two hours, which he did very happily having already become “obsessed”, as his co-host Kate put it.

After drinking the six bottles, Emmet and Steve went on air to give Hughesy a breathalyser test. The result was 0.00. Hughesy was very happy. Bottoms up, mate! We love ya guts.

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