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On This Day: February 23

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To learn what amazing things happened on this date throughout history, just click here.

Many monumental events have taken place on February 23 over the years. Here's just a few: 

Pinocchio and Hunter Valley flooding.

Pinocchio and Hunter Valley flooding

  • In 1685, composer Georg Handel was born.
  • John Lee escapes execution in 1885 due to the gallows malfunctioning three times at Exeter Prison. His sentence, on a dubious charge of murder, is commuted to life in prison.
  • The Times of London publishes the world's first classified ad in 1886.
  • Walt Disney's animated movie, Pinocchio, is released in 1940.
  • Hunter Valley floods begin in 1955.
  • George Harrison releases his 1979, self-titled album.
  • Jimmy Tambo, an indigenous Australian exploited by Barnum's Travelling Circus, laid to rest in 1994 -- 110 years after dying. 
  • NBC TV shows Schindler's List completely uncensored in 1997, to an audience of 65 milion.
  • What was your favourite movie growing up? Were you around to witness the Hunter Valley floods? Share your experiences here.

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