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On This Day: March 22

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Plenty of important moments in history took place on March 22 -- in the fields of politics, exploration, music, sports and more!

Walt Disney Shopping World and some delightful beer.

Walt Disney Shopping World and some delightful beer.

Here's a selection of what went down on this day in history. Why not share with your friends?

  • Captain Matthew Flinders names Kangaroo Island in South Australia, for the fresh food it provides his crew (1802).
  • Prime minister Edmund Barton heads a conference to discuss the proposed constitution for the Commonwealth of Australia (1897).
  • French mime artist Marcel Marceau is born (1923).
  • US president Franklin D Rooseveldt makes wine and beer containing up to 3.2 percent alcohol legal (1933).
  • Nine Japanese aircraft bomb the town of Katherine in Australia's Northern Territory (1942).
  • Mr Wonderful opens at NYC's Broadway Theater for a run of 383 performances (1956).
  • All Shook Up single released by Elvis Presley (1957).
  • Tasmania records its highest rainfall within a single day, with 352mm at Cullenswood in the northeast highlands (1974).
  • Walt Disney's World Shopping Village opens (1975).
  • A barge carrying 3200 tonnes of rubbish leaves New York Harbour in search of a dumping ground, only to return months later with the rubbish (1987).
  • WA defeated Queensland by 5 wickets to win the Sheffield Shield Final (1988).
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