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How to stop buying the wrong products online

About Vision Direct

Vision Direct is Australia's biggest eyewear retailer offering the biggest range of designer eyewear with over 180 brands and around 80,000 products.

Have you ever ordered a product online and then realized you were not satisfied with it because it was too different from your expectations? Don’t worry, we have seen the future, and its AR/VR shopping!

Why is AR/VR technology revolutionary?

Online shopping with AR technology.

Online shopping with AR technology

Augmented reality (AR) and virtual reality (VR) have significantly evolved through the years. Augmented reality is a technology based on the real-world environment, and includes "augmented" elements by computer-generated perceptual information, to improve the ability to interact with the original scenario. Virtual reality, on the other hand, is a computer-generated scenario that through realistic images, sounds and other sensations, simulates a user's physical presence in a virtual or imaginary environment. As you can imagine, the applications of these technologies are almost endless, but one of the most interesting developments involves the shopping industry.

How will this new technology impact our daily retail experience?

No more unsatisfied clients, no more broken expectations, no more products that don’t fit perfectly your body or your living space. The AR/VR technologies are here to change the experience of purchasing. Ikea’s tool (in the picture above) is one of the clearest examples of how to use technology to improve customer experience. If you are wondering how a certain kind of product will benefit your home, then you can simply use your smartphone/tablet as a virtual guide. With an almost exact representation of the product in your own environment, you won’t even need to go to the physical store.

Not only your house, but also your looks.

Else>>>d more retailers in different industries are approaching the AR/VR technologies to improve their service to the customers. Also, the fashion industry is really involved in this new trend. With big players like Zara, L’Oréal, Converse and Forever 21 – these fashion and beauty giants are already providing a new and interactive way to purchase their products (although most of them are focusing on in-store installations). The real challenge will be to let you try on clothes and accessories directly from your bedroom when there’s a snowstorm or the closest shop is 200 km away or when you’re simply just too lazy to head out to the store.

is facing this challenge in the eyewear industry.

is Australia's biggest eyewear retailer offering the biggest range of designer eyewear. With over 180 brands and around 80,000 products, offers a “Virtual Try-on” service which allows customers to discover eyewear they love using the camera of their computer, wherever they are. A special interface will appear and will let know if the product you’re going to purchase will flatter your face or not. Customers are considering this to be a key service since it helps them to save time, money and also improves their purchasing experience. If you’re curious about how it works and you want to give it a try, just go to and select a pair of glasses. The icon of the camera will appear on your right and you will visualize your new look directly from your device. Give it a “Try-on”!

You can check out Vision Direct's range by clicking

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