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Albert Einstein, Nikola Tesla and Hans Christian Andersen were all thought to be autistic.

Segregating autistic kids? Not on my watch!


hotelnepal blogger Jonathan Marlow - whose son is autistic - schools Pauline Hanson in tolerance, humility and patience.

Politics Autism Health
7 months ago
(Health & Beauty)
Finally, restrictions on medical marijuana have been lifted.

Medical marijuana: a win for the good guys


In the midst of a week of consistently bad news, a glimmer of hope shone through.

Australia Politics Cancer Health
7 months ago
(Health & Beauty)
In need of a midlife beauty makeover that won't break the bank? Follow these tried and true tips for success.

15 budget-friendly makeup tips for middle age

Who says you have to look any less gorgeous once you hit middle age? And it doesn't have to cost a fortune.

Ageing Beauty
7 months ago
(Health & Beauty)
Virgin coconut oil is just as beneficial to your dog's skin as it is yours.

6 reasons to give your dog coconut oil

The health and beauty benefits of coconut oil are well-known for humans. But it's also a wonder tonic for your pets.

Pets Beauty Health Cooking Food
8 months ago
(Health & Beauty)
The cancer diagnosis for promising footballer Jesse Hogal is a wake-up call for men everywhere.

Jesse Hogan cancer scare a wake-up call for all men

The football world has been in shock with the news of young AFL player Jesse Hogan's testicular cancer diagnosis.

Cancer Sport Health
8 months ago
(Health & Beauty)
Cowardly politicians are life a misery for many Australians - including children - their days filled with unnecessary pain and discomfort.

Marijuana: The time for stupidity has passed


Gutless, ignorant politicians are causing sick people a world of pain.

Politics Health
8 months ago
(Health & Beauty)
Diet is a big part of my health, wellbeing and happiness - and I clearly do not just mean food.

Food for thought: Why diet is so important

Your diet involves so much more than the food you eat - and sustains so much more than your belly.

Ageing Health Food
9 months ago
(Health & Beauty)
It's a shame children aren't taught how to think objectively, critically and laterally at school.

Make your decisions in the neocortex

Contrary to popular belief, human beings use all of their brain - just not that well.

9 months ago
(Health & Beauty)
We should all invest more time in our mates and loved ones .

'But how could YOU have depression?'

Listen up, gents! This blog post could save a life ... maybe even yours!

Relationships Depression Health
9 months ago
(Health & Beauty)
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