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I think, therefore I am.

It pays to recognise what you can and can't control.

Secure happiness by giving up control

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In my quest for happiness, here's what I've learnt about control.

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5 days ago
(Love & Relationships)
Steve Jobs came along changed the world forever.

Live your life, not someone else's

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These pearls of wisdom from Steve Jobs and Frank Sinatra should inspire you.

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12 days ago
(Money & Business)
Ask the moral question.

Big issues require brave questions

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The questions we should be asking about the environment, animal welfare and religion.

14 days ago
(Money & Business)
Please keep your smoke off me.

Should smoking be banned in all public spaces?

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If I was to put arsenic in your glass of water and it killed you, would you have a problem with that? What about if I...

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16 days ago
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Poet Robert Frost.

Travelling the road not taken

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How on earth did the US, such a crass and unsophisticated land, produce such greats of Western literature?

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28 days ago
(Entertainment & Culture)
Embrace the uncertainties of life to enjoy the wonder.

Embrace uncertainty to really live

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It's the perfect way to create a sense of urgency and adventure in yourself.

About 1 month ago
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Magnificent Seven.

Life: How is it going for you so far?

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This is a question I ask myself every day. And here's why.

About 1 month ago
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Lacking basic life skills, but whose fault is it?  Picture: Shutterstock.

Why are so many young people incompetent?

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Ever been frustrated by the Millennials in your life? You'll relate to this!

Community Ageing Relationships
2 months ago
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I'm all for equality of opportunity.

Equality of opportunity is a value I hold dear

Yet I love sexist, racist...

(Ys Comment) About 2 months ago
What kind of lowlife has nothing better to do than catfish somebody.

Help! I think I'm being catfished!

I have a gut feeling that...

(Love & Relationships) 3 months ago

The boom in kosher foods

In the latest from our...

(Epicure) 2 days ago
There's been plenty of confusion among those nearing retirement.

Where's your retirement income?

Mixed signals from the...

(Money & Business) 20 days ago
When it comes to great bloggers you can connect with, this list has you covered.

20 mature bloggers worth following

Looking for Australian...

(Entertainment & Culture) 8 months ago
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