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Money & Business

Solve problems to accumulate wealth.

The smart way to make money

Here's the tip, becoming wealthy involves much more than hard work.

Business Retirement Money
7 months ago
(Money & Business)
Worth a small fortune.

Do you have this valuable $1 coin?


Australia's rarest decimal coin is in circulation - and one of them may be sitting in your purse, pocket or coin jar.

Hobbies Money
8 months ago
(Money & Business)
Less is definitely more if you don't want your audience nodding off.

The art of public speaking - Part 3

Less is definitely more when it comes to making a speech.

Business Relationships
8 months ago
(Money & Business)
Your phone could save you a lot of time! Image: Shutterstock.

Get efficient with these time-saving apps

Mobile apps are some of the best ways to create efficiency in your life.

Money Business Technology
8 months ago
(Money & Business)
There are ways to boost your retirement income when interest rates are low.

Are low interest rates hurting your retirement?

It may be time to adjust your investment strategy to reflect the new financial reality.

Superannuation Retirement Ageing Money
8 months ago
(Money & Business)
I'm no longer a fan of JB Hi-Fi.

Join me in calling out bad customer service

Why we should all call out bad service when we experience it.

Retail Money Business
8 months ago
(Money & Business)
It is not that difficult to blog well.

Make blogging the centrepiece of your strategy

There is a lot of evidence to suggest how powerful a communication piece a well-crafted blog can be.

Hobbies YsBlogger Money Business
8 months ago
(Money & Business)
Reduce anxiety to be a better presenter.

The art of public speaking: Part 2

Suffering from speech anxiety? Our expert in the field explains how you can manage it.

Hobbies Relationships Business
8 months ago
(Money & Business)
Keep your speech as simple as possible.

The art of public speaking - Part 1

What you say is not as important as you'd think.

Community Relationships Hobbies Business
8 months ago
(Money & Business)
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It's 35 years since the Ash Wednesday bushfires in South Australia and Victoria claimed 75 lives and more than 2500 buildings.