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Shopping provides a fleeting high and is not the path to happiness.

When shopping is your religion

A Sunday morning stroll through the CBD leaves this author with plenty to contemplate.

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Over 1 year ago
(Money & Business)
Unless the WA Government takes decisive action now, the property market could decline even further.

Here's what's really hurting the WA property market

And it's not the mining downturn, writes industry expert Jonathan Marlow.

Politics WA Money Property
Over 1 year ago
(Money & Business)
NBN? You've got to joking, darling! Picture: iStock.

Have you got the NBN yet? Not bloody likely!


The PM hasn't got it, NBN headquarters don't have it - and neither do we in the Perth CBD!

Politics Business Money Technology
Over 1 year ago
(Money & Business)
How can it be fair that so few of the world's population hold so much money and power, when so many more go hungry and sleep rough? Picture: iStock.

Class warfare is alive and well

‘Attacking class warfare is a strategy inspired by the greedy’.

Politics Property Money Social Issues
Over 1 year ago
(Money & Business)
I have looked in the mirror - and aspire to be the best, most courageous, leader I can be.

I have looked in the mirror and I'm ashamed

'Moral courage is the first pillar of true leadership.’

Relationships Social Issues Business
Over 1 year ago
(Money & Business)
Is it any wonder that outsiders such as Pauline Hanson in Australia, Nigel Farage in the United Kingdom and Donald Trump in the USA are attracting so much support? Picture: Supplied .

How can our politicians be so thick?

‘Arguing that someone is always wrong destroys credibility.'

Social Issues Australia Trump Politics
Over 1 year ago
(Money & Business)
The Queen could take a leaf or two out of self-made billionaire Warren Buffett's book.

The Queen could learn from Warren Buffett

‘Supporting royalty reflects insecurity, privilege or feeble-mindedness.’

Royalty Politics Social Issues
Over 1 year ago
(Money & Business)
Ahmed Fahour's salary is so outrageous, that PM Malcolm Turnbull wants answers.

CEO salaries: Immoral capitalism at its worst

Executives are paid more than they are worth, while scientists are paid less than they earn.

Social Issues Money Business
Over 1 year ago
(Money & Business)
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