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Faber Vineyard celebrating 20 years.

Faber Vineyard celebrating 20 years

The Swan Valley has been through a transformation over the past 20 years. Leading the charge has been winemaker John Griffiths...

Drink Wine Western Australia
Almost 2 years ago
Beetroot fudge will be a popular treat in anyone's home! Picture: Supplied.

Beetroot fudge

This crowd-pleasing recipe is quick, easy and will have your guests intrigued - then coming back for more.

Food Cooking Health
Almost 2 years ago
Your step-by-step guide to growing kefir grains is here! Picture: Shutterstock.

How to grow your dehydrated kefir grains

Nurturing kefir grains is like having your very own, gut-friendly pets.

Food Drink Health
Almost 2 years ago
Picture: Shutterstock.

How to host an unforgettable dinner party


Preparation is key to creating a laidback, enjoyable dinner party vibe.

Food Cooking Relationships Wine
Almost 2 years ago
A delectable rendang beef curry will be devoured by guests.

A beef rendang to fire up your weekend

Beef rendang's a real crowd-pleaser - a deliciously deep yet mild curry for those who can't generally handle curry.

Food Cooking Beef
Almost 2 years ago
A simple recipe like this relies on quality olive oil.

Garlic prawns with fettuccine

A good-quality olive oil is the star of this dish.

Food Cooking Seafood
Almost 2 years ago
Famous Sharron.

Famous Sharron tests new food trends for YsEpicure


Do you know your foodie trends? Famous Sharron does!

Food Drink Wine Epicure
Almost 2 years ago
Our top pick: Journey Wines.

Pinot Palooza perfection

We hit the Pinot event of the season.

Drink Wine Reviews
Almost 2 years ago
Turmeric and kefir, two major food trends for good reasons.

A kefir smoothie recipe to get your juices flowing

Wondering what all the fuss is about kefir? Here's a great recipe to get you started.

Food Drink Health
Almost 2 years ago
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It's 35 years since the Ash Wednesday bushfires in South Australia and Victoria claimed 75 lives and more than 2500 buildings.