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Love & Relationships

Finding a life partner in middle age and older can be intimidating.

Looking for cupid in midlife and beyond

When the idea of finding love online doesn't appeal, and pubs and clubs aren't an option, where do you look for a life partner?

Relationships Ageing Technology
Almost 2 years ago
(Love & Relationships)
How you live is your business, not the church's - and certainly not Margaret Court's.

How you live is your business

As ignorant as the words of Margaret Court are, I will defend her right to voice them and in doing so, give voice to her deep...

Relationships LGBTI Marriage Equality
Almost 2 years ago
(Love & Relationships)
Tell your child they are beautiful, unique and capable of anything.

Positive self-image, your greatest gift to a child

Socialisation impacts on our self-image - and our self-image impacts on our capacity to contribute to our community.

Almost 2 years ago
(Love & Relationships)
For most of us, religion is learned in our younger years.

I did not choose my beliefs

None of us choose what we believe. In fact, we have little say in this. Like yours, my beliefs are the outcome of a...

Religion Social Issues Philosophy
Almost 2 years ago
(Love & Relationships)
Why do you we find it so difficult to express our sexual needs and fantasies? Picture: iStock.

Why are we so shy about expressing our fantasies?

Are you as honest about your desires as you want to be? Has your vulnerability resulted in missed opportunities?

Relationships Health
Almost 2 years ago
(Love & Relationships)
Time to let your unique flag fly.

Conversations with God: Why am I different?

Why are some people 'different' and why have conversations with God?

Almost 2 years ago
(Love & Relationships)
As a boy, I was on the outer, not a fan of football and organised sports.

Conversations with God: My childhood

Do you remember the fellow who was good at maths, liked to play chess and could not remember how many players were in an AFL...

Almost 2 years ago
(Love & Relationships)
People seem to be voting with their feet .

Are you up for the eye-gazing challenge?


It's a phenomenon sweeping the globe, said to do wonders for relationships, sex, stutterers and anxiety sufferers.

Relationships Kindness Health
Almost 2 years ago
(Love & Relationships)
Why is breastfeeding in public so often discouraged, when it is our first source of nutrients as mammals? Picture: iStock.

Have we forgotten that we are animals?

Human beings are animals. So why do we deny this - and not embrace it?

Relationships Animals Social Issues
Almost 2 years ago
(Love & Relationships)
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