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I will never forget the day my daughter told me that Bethany, a girl in her fourth-grade class, was annoying her.

My worst nightmare: What if I raised a bully?

I realised immediately that I had a problem on my hands. I was raising my own worst nightmare.

Relationships Kindness Social Issues
Almost 2 years ago
(Love & Relationships)
Just what, exactly, are Australian values? Picture: iStock.

Take the Australian values test


What are these Australian values that we are all supposed to share?

Social Issues Politics Australia
Almost 2 years ago
(Love & Relationships)

Greeting cards a lesson in mantelpiece mediocrity

I find it astonishing that people buy cards with written messages in them. Are human beings really generic?

Almost 2 years ago
(Love & Relationships)
But where is the evidence, asks Philosophically Yours.

Where is the evidence?

‘Nothing is more bizarre than believing in God’

Relationships Books
Almost 2 years ago
(Love & Relationships)
Junior was beside himself! Turning sharply to look at me, his face strained in terror .

When young people talk to old people, BADLY

There's a lot to be gained in teaching our kids not to be wimpy in the art of conversation.

Relationships Ageing Kindness
Almost 2 years ago
(Love & Relationships)
Respect has to be earned and is not simply acquired with age.

Live true to your values, not your mum or nanna's

"I have no obligation to be what you want me to be, or do what you want me to do".

Relationships Ageing Social Issues
About 2 years ago
(Love & Relationships)
What we destroy will not be available to our children, or theirs.

Everything we do has a cost

‘Damaging the environment is theft and our children are the victims’.

Relationships Environment Nature Social Issues
About 2 years ago
(Love & Relationships)
Such a gorgeous couple, proving love stands the test of time.

Humble photo captures the purest kind of love

Grab your tissues! If you've ever wondered what true love really is: it's this!

Relationships Ageing Kindness
About 2 years ago
(Love & Relationships)
Forget the dust-gathering china and other materialistic frippery, all your mum wants for Christmas is time with you.

All your mum wants for Christmas is time with you!

Buying the perfect Christmas gift for an ageing rellie can be quite the headache. How 'bout this year, we buy them something...

Christmas Relationships Ageing
About 2 years ago
(Love & Relationships)
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