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Like most people, I love eating and drinking. But I hate the bullshit most reviewers offer as standard fare.

The Trustee.

Review: The Trustee Bar & Bistro

Find out what our notoriously fickle restaurant blogger had to say about this popular CBD venue.

Reviews Food Western Australia
11 months ago
(Ys Comment)
I hope the owners of Ku De Ta aren't paying too much per metre of floor space.

Ku De Ta Perth is worth the visit

The most amazing aspect of the experience was the sheer size of the riverside venue, with three or more separate areas.

Western Australia Drink Food
11 months ago
Ivy & Jack represents great value for money.

Review: Dinner at Ivy & Jack

Value for money is more important than the product or price.

Western Australia Reviews Food
About 1 year ago
Exceptional views, but a mediocre experience at The WA Club.

Review: Lunch at The Western Australian Club

Restaurants should be run by professionals, not committees.

About 1 year ago
The souffles at UWA's Club Restaurant are divine.

Review: Dinner at the University Club of WA

You need to be a member to make a booking at the University Club of WA, but it is worth the effort and the modest fee.

Western Australia Reviews Food
About 1 year ago
Is The Heritage one of Perth's best-kept secrets? Picture: Supplied.

Review: The Heritage Brasserie, Bar and Boardroom

How can a good restaurant be so empty at lunchtime in the centre of the CBD?

Western Australia Food Reviews
About 1 year ago
Barchetta, on the Cottesloe beachfront, has a great view.

Review: Barchetta

Mediocrity is the standard for restaurants in WA . Perhaps that is why there are so few in Australia's Top 50.

Business Review Food
About 1 year ago
Great service, marvellous view.

Review: Bib and Tucker

I rarely listen to recommendations. But when it comes to Bib and Tucker, I'm glad I did.

Reviews Food
About 1 year ago
Indian culture understands the needs of vegetarians.

Is this Perth's best restaurant for vegetarians?

Fussy But Fair, a new blogger discussing the WA food scene, spills the chickpeas on his favourite restaurant.

Western Australia Food Reviews
About 1 year ago
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